Proposal Would Combine Medical And Recreational Marijuana In California

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California is home to the largest marijuana market on the planet, and it’s not even a close second. Estimates put California as being home to roughly half of the entire marijuana industry in America. It’s not exactly a shocker considering how large California’s population is, and how big it’s overall economy is. California of course voted to legalize marijuana for adult use during the 2016 Election. Since that time California has been exploring exactly how to go about implementing legalization.

California Governor Jerry Brown put out a lengthy proposal yesterday which would, among other things, combine the medical marijuana market and soon-to-be recreational market. Per Sacbee:

Gov. Jerry Brown released a 79-page proposal Tuesday night outlining his administration’s solutions for resolving differences between existing medical marijuana laws and the ballot measure that legalized the adult use of recreational pot in November.

The plan eliminates a third-party distribution model favored by the Teamsters union, prioritizes environmental protections and allows marijuana businesses to apply for multiple licenses to grow, manufacture, distribute and sell their products.

Only testing facilities are barred from applying for other types of marijuana licenses under the Brown proposal. It also blocks licensees from operating recreational and medical marijuana businesses on the same property, among other key policy decisions.
The proposal would provide for separate licenses for medical versus recreational businesses, but they would have the same regulatory requirements for each, and would be regulated by the same agency from what I can tell. A similar proposal was floating around the Oregon Legislature, but from what I’m hearing the proposal is likely dead for this session. Colorado has one regulatory body, and seems to be doing OK, but Washington politicians took the opportunity to basically obliterate their medical marijuana program after legalization passed. Hopefully that doesn’t become the case in California.
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