Poll: Military Veterans Overwhelmingly Support Cannabis Reform


American military veterans sacrifice a lot for their country. I have had friends and family serve in the military, and what they have to go through is something that no civilian could ever understand. They leave their families, go through extensive training, and in many cases, get deployed to far off regions of the world to fight in wars. I may not agree with America going to war in many cases, but my support for the troops is unwavering. I have the utmost respect for the men and women that fight to keep in place the freedoms that I enjoy on a daily basis.

Serving in the military can lead to all types of negative health conditions for soldiers. Cannabis has been proven to help treat many of those ailments. Yet, sadly, as pointed out by Tom Angell in an article for Marijuana Majority, ”under current U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs policy, those who want access to medical cannabis can’t get recommendations from their government doctors and must instead seek help from outside physicians.” That is a policy that is unacceptable on many levels. Where is the compassion for soldiers? Poll results were released today which found significant support for cannabis reform among military veterans. The poll was conducted by Five Corners Strategies in conjunction with the American Legion. Below are some of the poll’s findings, via a summary by posted by NORML:

  • 81% of veterans support federally-legal treatment
  • 60% of respondents do not live in states where medical cannabis is legal
  • 40% of respondents live in states where medical cannabis is legal
  • 88% of self-identified conservative respondents support federally legalized medical cannabis
  • 90% of self-identified liberal respondents support federally legalized medical cannabis
  • 70% of self-identified non-partisan respondents support federally legalized medical cannabis
  • 100% of respondents aged 18-30 support federally legalized medical cannabis

The poll also found that one in five veterans self-reported using marijuana to alleviate a medical or physical condition. If you want to contact your member of Congress to urge them to support legislation that would allow those who have served our country to discuss and be recommended medical marijuana in the states that have implemented programs, which I really hope you do, click here and use NORML’s action tool. No one that has proudly served our country should have to face hurdles to accessing a proven medicine that is safer than pharmaceuticals. Anyone who says otherwise lacks compassion.

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