Poll: 66% In Oregon View Marijuana Legalization Favorably


It has been over two years since Oregon voters approved marijuana legalization. At the time, Oregon Measure 91 passed by a wider margin than any other statewide marijuana legalization initiative in American history. That distinction now goes to California. Oregon Measure 91 passed with roughly 56% of voters voting ‘yes.’ After two years, and many ups and downs for the marijuana industry in Oregon, Oregon voters still support marijuana legalization, and by a wider margin than on Election Day 2014. Oregon voters also overwhelmingly support banking reform for the industry: Per DHM Research:

From November 10 to 17, 2016, we surveyed nearly 800 Oregon residents regarding their opinions of the marijuana industry, financial institutions, and how collaboration between the two would shift their perceptions. Asked if their impression of their financial institution would change if it held deposits and made loans to various industries, Oregonians indicated that they see a partnership between financial institutions and legal marijuana-related businesses as desirable. Nearly nine in ten (87%) said that offering financial services to the legal marijuana industry would either not alter or improve their impressions of their financial institution.

Below is a great infograph that DHM put together, which shows poll results for all types of Oregon marijuana related questions, including results that show a 66% favorability rating for marijuana legalization. Legalization works, just ask Oregon voters!

DHM Research
Source: http://dhmresearch.com/marijuana/


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