Pete Holmes: The Most Important Cannabis Lawyer


I live on the edge of Seattle and love it here. It’s not perfect, but it’s safer than most places I’ve traveled to in America as an American with a permanent tan. A place not just for me but my children as well. I’m not saying this city is perfect, we have our share of random shootings, and people that think I should go back to Mexico even though I was born in Oceanside, Ca. Nor are all our police free of ignorance as some will arrest you for being an old black man walking with a golf club as a cane, but they don’t go after me for marijuana, they go after real crimes, most of the time.

Unbeknownst to my wife, Pete Holmes is the main reason why we moved to the Seattle area seven years ago. When considering where to move to, I remembered something I read while doing marijuana research, Seattle’s City Attorney Pete Holmes stated he would not pursue the prosecution of an individual solely based on pot. Not only does this take great foresight but huge balls for a person in this position. This precedent means that it is not worth the police authorities time to look at you for pot which eliminates 80% of the reasons for “probable cause” against people of color.

Seattle is not the capital of Washington, but it’s politics influence the rest of the state just as much. Known to be a progressive city, a place with progressive policies, I could never understand why the word progressive is referred to as a bad thing in politics. Don’t we all want to move forward with a better quality of life and technology? To live in a better world and not back to where an infection caused by pinprick or the color of your skin could kill you? Don’t we all want to move our humanity forward?

Pete Holmes has not only lived up to his word, but he’s double down by speaking against the drug war at Seattle Hempfest and believes in consumption lounges. He had this to say in regards to the consumption lounges.

” I think consumption lounges are a great idea as part of the regulated I-502 system. Allowing consumption lounges in Seattle is a social justice issue and harm reduction tool, as well as an avenue to make our marijuana industry a financial success. We can continue to lead the country in marijuana reform and allowing consumption lounges is the way forward.

Two years ago I crafted a city ordinance with Former Councilmember Nick Licata that would provide for lounges with electronic devices. The use of electronic devices would be permitted in the city, but we are blocked at the state level as it’s a felony to provide a consumption lounge under state law. We cannot move forward with this until we get relief from the state, and I will continue to work with my partners in the legislature to get these regressive laws changed.”

I believe the precedent that Pete Holmes has set by showing a common sense approach to cannabis is the backbone for Washington and many other states legalizing marijuana recreationally thus creating a multi-billion dollar tax generating industry.

As I said Seattle isn’t perfect, it has it’s share of mishaps, but when someone is being prosecuted, it’s most likely justice being served and not because the person was too dark to drive with a joint their car.

If you live in King County, please vote for Pete Holmes, and if you can donate your democracy dollars to his campaign, there is still time. If you live in another state or another part of Washington but have family that lives in King County, please urge them to support Pete Holmes. He has long stood by his words with actions and has proven to be the most important cannabis and social justice lawyer.

Seattle’s Race For Mayor

Besides the city’s attorney’s office up for election, we have a different sort of mayor’s race due to the previous mayor stepping down due to a scandal. This year’s election has two women competing to be Seattle’s first female mayor Jenny Durkan and Cary Moon.

First I would like to say that I support Cary Moon due to her activism and kind heart, she represents Seattle’s growing population more than Jenny Durkan’s conventional ways do to me.

As a former United States Attorney, Jenny Durkan scares the hell out of me, as one who just does their job even if that means enforcing a bad law in a state that doesn’t agree with the law. I am speaking of the case of Lance Gloor vs. The United States of America.

A shim sham of a trial, where the Federal judge passed personal judgment by calling Lance a flim-flam man. The trial was prosecuted by Vince Lombardi, the grandson of the football legend, with zeal as if he caught Al Capone and not a local boy who understood that marijuana is a safer alternative for medicine and recreational use which is a form of medicine in itself.

I reached out to Durkan’s Camp via Facebook, and either the fact that I’m a Seattle voter or a cannabis blogger is not significant enough for them to reply is enough to make me not support her. You can see the message was seen, but there was never a reply.

Outreach to Jenny Durkan

Jenny Durkan represents the same old same when it comes to politicians, the fact that she uses her sexuality in her ads where she states she was appointed as Obama’s first openly gay U.S Attorney, honestly it bothers my sensibilities as she panders to the Seattle social justice warrior. Jenny Durkan represents to me what is wrong with America; a lawyer committed to the status quo hence all her corporate backers.

People just doing their job is how the holocaust happened, it’s why thousands of Americans sit behind bars, how American families have been ruined and lives ended in the name of justice, over a plant. If more people stood up for what’s right like Pete Holmes has, our America would be a better and more fruitful place.

I encourage you or anybody you know that lives in King County to submit their voting form by November 7th and if you don’t have one, get one. Voting for Pete Holmes and Cary Moon is the only sensible thing to do for Washington.

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