Pennsylvania Health Department Releases Draft Medical Marijuana Rules


Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana in April of this year. Pennsylvania was the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana in America. Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana law isn’t perfect, but it’s a great starting point and people are excited for it from what I can tell. There are still many conditions that need to be added to the list of qualifying conditions, and the program needs to be expanded in many ways, but first it needs to get off the ground. Pennsylvania got one step closer today to allowing safe access as the Pennsylvania Health Department released temporary rules that will govern medical marijuana dispensaries. Per WGAL:

Pennsylvania officials are making progress on rules to govern the state’s new medical marijuana program, including how dispensaries will operate and the fees paid by growers and processors.

The Department of Health on Tuesday posted draft regulations for dispensaries.

The grower and processor regulations will be published online and in the Pennsylvania Bulletin this weekend. They’ll deal with tracking the product, fee amounts and tax reporting rules.

The draft regulations can be read at this link here. Some of the provisions that stand out include an age limit for employees at dispensaries (18 years old), dispensaries have to be at least 1,000 feet from any public, private or parochial school or day care center, and a prohibition on the issuance of coupons or discounts. The public comment period is open through November 4th. You can find out info about making a public comment at this link here.

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