Pennsylvania: Department Of Health Needs Your Input On Medical Cannabis


I received the following alert out of Pennsylvania yesterday. The deadline has passed, but the survey looks like it is still accepting submissions:

On Monday, the Pennsylvania Department of Health published draft regulations for patients and caregivers. Please weigh in before the October 2 deadline to make sure the program actually works.

The new regulations spell out the process for patients and caregivers who sign up for the registry in order to use and safely access medical cannabis. Unfortunately, the regulations need to be modified to ensure there’s no poison pill in the program.

The draft regulations would require doctors to provide dosing information, which puts them at risk under federal law. Requiring doctors to violate federal law would result in decreased doctor participation, which shuts patients out of the program. Please urge the department to remove any provisions requiring them to specify dosage. Currently, doctors can recommend cannabis due to the First Amendment, but telling patients how much cannabis to use can be seen as aiding and abetting a federal crime. Let the health department know a workable program cannot put doctors in legal danger.

Please provide your input to the Department of Health before October 2! They need to hear from you, the people who will be most impacted by these regulations. Then, share this alert with other compassionate Pennsylvanians.


Becky Dansky
Legislative Counsel
Marijuana Policy Project

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