PA Congressman Perry Introduces Another Bill To Legalize CBD


Pennsylvania Representative in Congress Scott Perry introduced a bill on May 1st that would remove the compound CBD (Cannabidiol) from the Controlled Substances Act. HR 2273 was introduced in the house and has been referred to three committees. The bills title as it was introduced is, “To amend the Controlled Substances Act to exclude cannabidiol and cannabidiol-rich plants from the definition of marihuana, and for other purposes.”

Perry has introduced bills before in the House of Representatives that would remove high CBD hemp plants from the controlled substances act before, making a definitive separation from the draconian law instead of relying on a mishmash of decisions to allow trade in all hemp products. His previous attempt in 2014 was HR 5226 which was called the Charlotte’s Web Medical Hemp Act of 2014 . He introduced it again in 2015 with the same title. The bills had support of the Epilepsy Foundation but they never made it through committees.

The GOP Representative who serves the York county area, has been a medical marijuana advocate for years, and the promise of CBD has him convinced of what he needs to do. Pennlive reported in 2015:

“CBD oil offers great hope for relief,” said Perry, a York County Republican, in a written statement. “Were I in a similar situation, I’d want the same for my children.”

Perry said he’s been approached by many local families who have considered moving to states the allow the treatment.

“Their situations compelled me to act at the federal level,” he said. “These kids and people like them deserve a chance at a healthy and productive life and our government shouldn’t stand in the way.”

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