Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Campaign Wants A June 2018 Vote

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The effort to legalize medical marijuana in Oklahoma has been a roller coaster ride. For a brief time in 2016 it looked like Oklahoma was going to join several other states in voting on medical marijuana, but that proved to not be the case. The Oklahoma medical marijuana campaign, run by Oklahomans for Health, did collect enough valid signatures to put medical marijuana to a vote, but that vote was delayed.

As of right now, Oklahoma’s Governor has yet to set a date for the vote. Oklahomans for Health recently put out an action alert requesting that people contact Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and demand that she set a June 2018 date for a vote. Below is more information about the action alert, via the Oklahomans for Health website:

Call to Action from Oklahomans for Health

It is time to hold Fallin accountable. We’ve done our part and we are asking Mary Fallin to do hers. She is legally bound to sign a declaration stating an election date at least 90 days before SQ788 goes to the ballot. The people of Oklahoma are tired of procrastination. We are now standing up to make our own declaration.

We demand that the Governor set the date for SQ788 to be June 2018

Patients in Oklahoma need access today. They cannot wait another year for the government to get its act together. Voting on June 26th would allow patients to get access to medical marijuana sooner.

It’s up to you to help us make this happen. We need all hands on deck putting pressure on one person: Mary Fallin. Her actions in this regard are her last chance to retain her legacy in the eyes of everyday Oklahomans. Let’s make sure she knows it. She can stand with the Republican leadership and delay, or stand with the People of Oklahoma and make a declaration that will save lives.

Stand with us. Pick up the phone and make a call to Mary Fallin. Then call your representative and make sure they know that they are being held accountable on the issue of SQ788. The leadership at the capitol may be more concerned with maintaining their stranglehold on power in 2018 but Oklahomans for Health only cares about access to patients.

We can’t stand by idly anymore while people suffer. We urge you to help us hold our representatives accountable.

Call Mary Fallin today at:
(405) 521-2342

Write or visit in person at:
Oklahoma State Capitol
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd Room 212
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Want to do more?

  1. Register your family and friends to vote. Visit your local county election board to pick up voter registration forms.
  2. Contact your legislator and tell them you support the passage of SQ788.
  3. Sign up for the Volunteer Corps and help us Get out the Vote in 2018!
  4. Share these images on your social media networks with a link to this page.
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