Oklahoma Governor To Decide Medical Marijuana Vote Date ‘After The New Year’


For a brief time in 2016, it looked like Oklahoma was going to vote on medical marijuana. Oklahoma would have joined four other states in doing so. However, 2016 did not pan out for the campaign to make the ballot in the presidential election year due to an issue with the ballot’s title not being resolved in time. The Oklahoma medical marijuana campaign did successfully collect enough signatures to put medical marijuana on ballot, albeit not 2016. That initiative was moved to 2018.

But which ballot in 2018 that the initiative will appear on is still up in the air. Oklahoma’s Governor is debating whether to place the initiative on the primary election ballot in June or the general election ballot in November. She stated on Facebook on December 1st that her decision would not come this year, per below:

A big shoutout to Tom Angell for spotting the Facebook post and including it in his Marijuana Moment newsletter. If approved, the initiative would legalize (by registered patients) the cultivation of up to 6 mature cannabis plants and six ‘seedlings,’ the possession of up to 3 ounces of cannabis while away from the patient’s home, and up to 8 ounces within their home.

There would be no qualifying conditions, and instead, the decision of whether to issue a recommendation would be left up to the patient’s physician. The initiative would also create a regulated medical marijuana industry in Oklahoma.

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