Ohio Gov. Kasich Says Legalizing Marijuana Sends Wrong Message To Kids

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Ohio Governor John Kasich appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher and, as frequent watchers of the show probably expect, discussed marijuana legalization in Maher’s pre-panel interview with the former presidential candidate. The very first question from Maher was on the Governors supposed support for medical marijuana in his state recently. The governor qualified his answer … a lot.

“Lets talk about some of the things you have done and support, and first of all, you supported medical marijuana in Ohio, correct?” asked Maher of the unconventional Kasich.

Before Kasich responded directly to the question he rambled on about his fear of legalization, as California recently did.

“Here is my concern about it, and I know you legalized it here for recreational reasons, but you know we have this big opiate problem as you know The drug enforcement agents came to see me … and I said ‘what do we do about this’?” said Kasich. “They said, ‘Look John, what we have to do is educate people starting at a very early age and we have to drive this all the way through.'”

“My only concern about the marijuana issue is I don’t want to tell kids ‘don’t use drugs’, but you can then do this drug,” Kasich told Maher. “But, in Ohio we have medical marijuana. I signed the bill to get that done.”

But, Maher was having none of the ‘save our children’ argument. He said to the governor, “Why do you have to bring kids into it, I mean liquor is legal and we don’t tell kids you can have liquor. I don’t know why that always has to enter into the debate.”

“I don’t know why an entire nation of adults has to be deputized into the fight for parents to keep their kids away from drugs, or guns … or their sex toys. You know what, you are the adult and you are supposed to be smarter than your kids,” Maher commented further.

“All I am saying is we have an enormous problem, you know it and we all know it … opiates, which then leads to this problem of heroin, and fentanyl which is deadly, and all I want to do is tell the kids at an early age and all the way through school … reinforcing their parents or reinforcing anyone in this audience who doesn’t want to see a kid destroy their lives.” , explained Kasich.  ”What I am saying to you is I don’t want to be confusing …”

The conversation moved on to other supposed achievements of his administration, but the stink in the studio was already there from his comments. I wish Maher would have taken him to task a little harder on the idea that cannabis and opiates are in the same category at all. Kasich is conflating opiates and marijuana in a way that is unfair and completely unwarranted. I don’t think Bill Maher ruined his life by smoking weed! Neither did the 44th president, Barack Obama, or the thousands of lawyers, judges, doctors, athletes, musicians, soccer moms, or clergy that have used marijuana.

Kasich is an oddball, no doubt, and so are his crazy ideas about cannabis. He should think twice about the comments he made and consider the fact that cannabis is a lot more prevalent than he knows, and his current information on cannabis, which he apparently gets from the DEA, is out dated and wrong.

Watch the segment below:

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