Ohio Call To Action For Court Support


Use your adult superpowers for good. Yes, you, the one who voted for Obama hoping real change was gonna happen and for those who thought Bernie was the last great white hope.

If there’s one thing remarkable about being an American is that you can speak up for others which influences an end decision because, in the end, no one wants to be the bad guy.

A call to action has been posted for Glenn Keeling and Peggysue Kimmel, please check out the post and help as you can because no one belongs in jail for a plant.

Things like showing a presence at the courthouse or a letter to the prosecuting attorney and judge do help; it shows that they are on the wrong side of the American judicial system, at one time it was illegal to drink from the same water fountain.

Please reach out by July 15th, but anything will be accepted and appreciated up until court date on the 25th.

Call to action! Glenn Keeling and Peggysue Kimmel who have provided court support for many others could really use your support. They are asking people to please write letters in support that the prosecutor drop the charges. (My handwritten examples below) I know that I have hundreds of compassionate people who can attest that no one belongs in jail for a plant. These kinds of charges are financially, emotionally, and physically damaging. It does nothing but devastates families lives. Please be respectful in your message but be firm in your position.

Mail to Mercer County Prosecutor Matt Fox.
119 N Walnut Street Celina Ohio 45822

Also please Email a copy to peggysuekim@gmail.com

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