New Hampshire Marijuana Legalization Vote Postponed Until Tuesday


See the message below that I received out of New Hampshire today:

Yesterday, the New Hampshire House decided to postpone its vote on HB 656 until next Tuesday.

After speaking with dozens of representatives outside the House chamber, I believe the bill has a good chance of passing in what appears likely to be a close vote. The delay until next week is actually a good thing because it gives us more time to generate calls and emails to representatives.

If you haven’t already done so, please call or email your representatives today and urge them to support the bill and an amendment that would represent a reasonable compromise! Then, please share this message with your friends, family, or any New Hampshire resident you know who supports legalization.

Instead of legalizing retail sales — which is something a study commission is considering — the compromise amendment that has been proposed for HB 656 would simply allow adults to cultivate six plants, three of which could be mature. It would also legalize possession of three-quarters of an ounce or less, and marijuana in excess of that amount would be legal as long as it is stored along with the plants that produced it. The amendment is available here.

If the House votes to overturn the committee’s negative recommendation on HB 656, this amendment will be offered for consideration. We are asking representatives to vote NO on the committee recommendation and then YES on the amendment.

Again, please share this message with any New Hampshire resident you know who supports legalization!


Matt Simon
New England Political Director
Marijuana Policy Project

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