National District Attorneys Association To Advise Trump On Marijuana Policy


The marijuana world has been on its heals lately due to changes at the federal level in the United States. Donald Trump is the new President of the United States, which has left many in the marijuana world uneasy. Once President Trump started naming people for cabinet positions, that unease went into full blown panic for some marijuana consumers, activists, and industry members. When people like marijuana opponent Jeff Sessions are being nominated to lead America’s justice system, fears are well founded in my opinion.

So far there hasn’t been much talk about marijuana out of the Trump Administration. Pages dedicated to drug policy have been removed from the White House website (I’m assuming temporarily, as many things have been removed), and outside of some confirmation hearing answers, for the most part marijuana policy has not been a focus of the new President’s team.

The National District Attorneys Association has formed a team that will advise President Trump on marijuana policy. Per Daily Camera:

The National District Attorney’s Association created a policy group featuring 14 district attorneys who will issue advisements on possible law or policy changes regarding marijuana as more and more states legalize it.

Garnett said he is the only active prosecutor from Colorado in the group, but said there are also DAs from California and Oregon — other states with recreational marijuana — in the group.

“It’s a reflection of the NDAA’s interest in having a fairly balanced committee, which will be largely advising on what our policy position should be in communications with the Trump Justice Department,” Garnett said.

When Stan Garnett was running for District Attorney in Colorado, I called his campaign office and had a fairly lengthy discussion with Mr. Garnett. This was back in April of 2010. I was very impressed with Stan and his position on marijuana policy, which was very progressive. He told me at the time that he recognized that marijuana was here to stay, and that the State of Colorado needed to embrace evolving policies and the growing cannabis industry. I don’t know that he will be able to make his opinions the group’s opinions, but having his voice of reason in the mix is a very good thing.

As Tom Angell stated in his daily report (Marijuana Moment, sign up for it!), “For now, it’s unclear whether the White House asked for the prosecutors’ input on cannabis or if they’re simply taking it upon themselves to weigh in on the issue.” Only time will tell how much influence, if any, the newly formed team has with the Trump Administration. Hopefully Stan Garnett is able to talk some sense into them!

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