NASCAR Is America’s Bitter Irony


In recent marijuana going mainstream news, a Colorado hemp based vape company, VeedVerks had the chance to sponsor a car in the Kansas Speedway but the driver, Carol Long, was told to take the logo off the day of the race.

The logo was not in your face with marijuana, and this should concern all, that a legal product is controversial based off of ignorance, even if it had a pot leaf on it, it shouldn’t matter, but this was not the case. A vendor was stopped from advertising their wares because a group of people believes that the product is more harmful than the Monster Drink they teamed up with as a Sponsor. There is no stigma about marijuana except for the one NASCAR, and the rest of ignorant America continue to reinforce.

People smoking cannabis is just as American as the illegal moonshiners that inspired the origins of NASCAR, as American as their sponsors Budweiser and Coors Light, as American as apple pie.

The driver, Carl Long, takes responsibility via a Facebook post stating clerical errors are the reason the NASCAR wasn’t able to research on the new sponsor VeedVerks.

“I see alot of negative comments about NASCAR !! Why?? It is our fault we cant spell . We did no research on company, just happy to get a sponsor.

I still say boo on you NASCAR, clerical errors or not, shame on you for not taking the opportunity to help reshape America’s misperception given to us by the ill-conceived War on drugs.

Shame on you for wanting to reinforce a stigma that is just an ignorant opinion. Continuing the drug war lie encourages the opiate epidemic and its moments like these where we see corporate America favors a picket fence lie that leads to overdoses.

It’s a shame that Monster which is liquid crap and Xfinity, who are the enemy of net neutrality are the favored corporations in this All-American sport but something a legal product associated with a plant that has been racially demonized and has caused zero deaths is the bad guy here.

NASCAR had the Long Crew remove the VeedVerks emblem because the product was not aligned with NASCAR standards. My question is “What are NASCAR standards?” Are you above giving adults a safer recreational choice for a night cap? Or are you against helping sick people? Are you above giving people living wages because that’s what the cannabis industry has done for so many in “legal” states? Or perhaps your against bringing unity to communities between the police and it’s citizens as people fear the police less and less with less to fear?

It’s time for NASCAR to stop hiding behind the corporate comfort zone and become the outstanding outlaw citizen it once was. At one time it was a group of who people stood for something and that made them part of America’s heartbeat instead now, as it promotes Monster drinks and Coca0Cola, NASCAR chooses to be the corporate heart attack of America.

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