Missouri Medical Marijuana Campaign Gathers 100k Signatures


I received the following good news out of Missouri this morning:

I am excited to let you know that our petitioners have now collected more than 100,000 signatures and submitted to the campaign! That means that we have now gathered approximately 40% of the signatures we need to place medical cannabis on the ballot at this time next year.

Back in August, I wrote you announcing that we had crossed the 50,000 signature mark. It took us nearly six and a half months to reach that number, but in only two and a half months, we have doubled it!
That is fantastic progress, but we must continue accelerating the pace of signature collection to gather the remaining 160,000 signatures we need to guarantee that Missourians will vote on medical cannabis. And we need your help to do it!

To meet our volunteer goals, we need to increase our monthly total of volunteer signatures from an average of 11,000 each month to 15,000 in the final months of the petition drive. From now until we submit our signatures in early 2018, we need all hands on deck for signature collection. If you are interested in gathering signatures, please contact a volunteer coordinator in your areaor find a petitioner event on our events calendar today!

Regardless of whether you can collect signatures, you can contribute to keep both our paid and volunteer petitioners out on the streets gathering signatures day after day:

We can all make a difference in our journey to bring safe, legal access to medical cannabis to Missouri patients, but the time we have to make that difference is limited and growing scarcer by the day. Act now by contributing and volunteering today!

John Payne
Campaign Manager
New Approach Missouri

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