Missouri Medical Cannabis Initiative Signature Validation Begins


I received the following campaign update out of Missouri:

On Friday, we dropped off approximately 55,000 signatures collected by volunteers to our newly opened quality control office. I am extremely excited about this, because we hired this firm, FieldWorks, in large part because of the thoroughness of their validation system.

As we speak, all data from every line of these 55,000 signatures are being meticulously entered into a database and checked against the Missouri voter file. By the time we turn in our signatures, we will have a complete record of every single person who signed the petition and matches a record in the state voter file. So, if there is any question about the validity of those signatures, we will be able to easily prove our case.

FieldWorks’ quality control system sets the gold standard in the petitioning business. However, all of that careful data entry and record keeping does not come cheap. It costs approximately $1 to validate each signature, and when dealing with more than 100k volunteer signatures over the course of the campaign, that will add up quickly!

Can you help by making a contribution now?

Our signature gathering campaign so far has been a marathon, and we have kept a brisk, steady pace from the end of winter through today. But now we begin our sprint to the finish line, and, to be victorious, we need your support all the way to the end. Keep the campaign accelerating by donating now!

John Payne
Campaign Manager
New Approach Missouri

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