Missouri Medical Cannabis Campaign Raises Over $250k

(image via Riverfront Times)

As of late last week, we have officially raised more than $250k to place medical cannabis on the Missouri ballot in 2018! Because we hit that benchmark, we received $100k from Drug Policy Action, which is the political arm of the Drug Policy Alliance. In addition, New Approach PAC, an independent political action committee, is separately spending $100k in support of the initiative.

Accordingly, we will be able to begin paid signature collection imminently, and we intend to conclude the paid drive by early in the New Year — well in advance of our May 6 deadline to submit signatures. However, to complete the petition drive, we will need to raise hundreds of thousands more and do it very quickly, as the cost of paid petitioning dramatically increases as more petitioner crews are staffed, trained, and hit the streets.

To that end, we hope to raise $15k online by the end of September. Help kick the petition drive into high gear and keep it there by contributing $15, $25, $50, or $100 now!

We have made great strides since we began circulating the petition back in January, and we are currently closing in on 60,000 signatures, which volunteers are gathering at a pace of around 10,000 a month. That is tremendous, but if we continue at that pace, we would end up with only 150,000 signatures by next May, instead of the 260,000 or so that we need to be certain of ballot qualification.

To succeed, we must expand our signature gathering capacity. Contribute now to gather more signatures to create safe, legal access to medical cannabis in Missouri!

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