Missouri Medical Cannabis Campaign Has Best Signature Gathering Week So Far


I received the following good news out of Missouri yesterday:

Our paid signature gathering campaign to place medical cannabis on the Missouri ballot will begin within the week, but that doesn’t mean that our volunteers have slowed down at all. In fact, it appears that we just had our best week of signature collection yet!

That success can largely be attributed to the outstanding performance of volunteers in Kansas City at the Santa Cali Gon Days Festival this past weekend. When I last talked to lead KC Volunteer Coordinator Jennifer Shockley, she was still counting the signatures, but she estimated the total from the event to be around 3,500!

Combined with the rest of the signatures from across the state, that will place the total for the week well above 5,000 signatures!

That is the sort of pace we hope to keep heading into the fall and the big push to finish out the petition drive. But we can’t do it without your help. Can you contribute $10, $20, $50, or more now to maintain that momentum?

I just ordered 20,000 more petitions to get the paid petitioners started and restock our volunteers. That alone will cost nearly $6,500. You can help cover those costs by making a contribution now!

Finally, if you haven’t volunteered to gather signatures yet, you can sign up for volunteer updates here or go here to find the volunteer coordinator for your area and contact them directly. Even if you only gather signatures from people you know personally, that can easily account for 25 signatures or more, and it all adds up!

This campaign depends on hundreds of people statewide, so every little bit counts. You can play your part by contributing and volunteering now!

John Payne
Campaign Manager
New Approach Missouri

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