Mickey Martin: The Big Mouth With A Big Heart


When I started writing about the atrocities of the drug war, I had no idea the gamut of people involved in the “community” nor did I realize some do it just to position themselves in a cornered market and others are just fighting for their civil right.

Recently the cannabis activist community lost another member. This one was a divisive voice that could unite thousands, the master of hashtags and controversial memes; he has left a legacy that his haters will have to catch up with, I’m speaking of Mickey Martin.

Divisive because he didn’t play well or kiss the ass of others who are trying to legalize marijuana but Mickey wasn’t work towards a personal pocket agenda, Mickey was working so that no one would have to serve time and be taken away from their family like he was for his edible company.

It’s not too many that have stood out in the fight against prohibition but Mickey was one of them, he was important because he taught many lessons without knowing it. Mickey taught me to question those who claim to be nonprofits and those claiming to have some special insight into the fight for the beautiful plant. He taught me that, some days we’re full of shit and it’s the ones that deny it, are the ones to look out for.

I have a lot of respect for people in the cannabis industry, especially those that have done time. Mickey was there to remind us that not everyone fighting prohibition or who has served time for the plant have your best interest at heart, some are just filling their pockets and there’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t put on a facade.

Mickey leaves behind a legacy larger than life, something haters can never take away, and history can’t deny. He leaves behind an organization committed to ending prohibition and supporting the families hurt by it, Parents 4 Pot.

Besides being the force behind a prohibition ending machine, he also leaves a school committed to the better understanding of cannabis, The North East Cannabis Institute.

Mickey leaves behind two boys, a loving wife, and a plethora of hashtags and memes. The family has a GoFundMe set up as they go through this transition without their patriarch, any help is appreciated. I’m not going to win a lot of fans with marijuana activists with all these positive praises of Mickey, but one thing he has taught me is that I can only speak of what I know and I know this guy meant pretty well and did good work. Please take a moment and be thankful for people like Mickey, #FuckMickey.

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