Michigan Representative Pushes The Feds On Marijuana Stance

image via Michigan Public Radio

State Rep. Jeff Yaroch has introduced a resolution calling for clarity from the federal government on enforcement of laws involving marijuana.

“The direction we’re getting from Washington D.C. on marijuana is inconsistent, at best,” said Yaroch, of Richmond. “They are keeping it illegal but at the same time not enforcing it. Congress seems to be ignoring the fact that more than 50% of states have passed laws to regulate marijuana in conflict with federal law. ”

Yaroch’s resolution references the state’s 2008 ballot initiative allowing the medical use of marijuana. “My resolution is not about being for or against marijuana,” Yaroch said. “I support democracy, and the voters of Michigan passed the medical marijuana ballot proposal. However, it’s time for the federal government to make a decision: Can the states regulate marijuana or not?”

Yaroch also cites the clarity needed with issues beyond law enforcement, including issues with property zoning, banking and taxation. “Local governments have been placed in a no-win position because to follow State law means breaking Federal law.”

If the resolution passes, it would be sent to the Michigan Congressional delegation, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the U.S. Attorney General and U.S. House and Senate leadership.

House Concurrent Resolution 11 has been assigned to the House Law and Justice Committee for consideration.

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