Michigan: New Medical Marijuana Laws Go Into Effect Today

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Michigan is home to some of the hardest working marijuana activists in the country. I have always watched Michigan with a close eye from afar ever since I started blogging about marijuana in January 2010. I have made friends there and I always root for Michigan. Michigan first approved medical marijuana in 2008, and since that a time a booming medical marijuana industry has emerged in Michigan.

That industry growth hasn’t been easy, as law enforcement and elected officials in Michigan seem to really, really like prohibition. Raids have been common in Michigan. It took a long time to get state rules and regulations in place for the medical marijuana industry in Michigan, and once bills were passed to put rules and regulations in place, it left a lot to be desired according to veteran Michigan activists. But the new rules, for better or worse, go into effect today. Per CBS:

Matt Abel, executive director of Michigan NORML, a pro-pot group, says the changes include a new category of marijuana-infused products.

“In addition to dried leaves and flowers being legal to possess for patients, the legislature has added the words resin and extract, so now concentrated forms of cannabis will be legal in Michigan … and topical oils and ointments, tinctures, which are a liquid that someone might put under their tongue, beverages and edibles.”

Other items that go into effect today are a new tax at dispensaries, a state licensing system for all activities related to the medical marijuana industry such as testing and transportation, and the implementation of a seed-to-sale tracking system, similar to what exists in other states. Like I said, for better or worse these are the new rules that will govern Michigan’s medical marijuana industry. It’s a situation worth monitoring, as there will no doubt be some hurdles that need to be overcome, and improvements made.

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