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I previously wrote about Justin Cohen, author, entrepreneur, and friend. For 2019 I decided to catch up with him and talk about his past events and his upcoming book launch to be held at the NW Cannabis Club in Portland, Oregon.

Oklahoma Hempfest
Miggy420, Patrick Saint of Twenty22Many, David Rheins of MJBA at Oklahoma Hempfest Credit: Justin Cohen

WN: In our last interview, you were about to go to Oklahoma for a cannabis event. How was your trip?

JC: My visit to Oklahoma was terrific and a game changer in the redevelopment of my business plan. The highlight of the trip was meeting Oklahomans with an incredible passion for our plant and the upcoming opportunities in Oklahoma’s developing cannabis industry, plus surrounding states.

I also really enjoyed meeting highly active Washington state industry professionals who came to Oklahoma to help spread knowledge and different types of assistance. Scott McKinley did an outstanding job executing the pre-event in Oklahoma City. Memorable speeches by Hemp Fest’s Vivian McPeak and Sharon Whitson, along with talks by Timothy Edwards and Grandma Cat also added to a highly productive Oklahoma experience.

Smoking Point Productions, American Hash Makers, Cannabis City Glass and Goods, and Dope Magazine at the Fall Washington Weed Golf Classic
Smoking Point Productions, American Hash Makers, Cannabis City Glass and Goods, and Dope Magazine at the Fall Washington Weed Golf Classic

WN: October was a busy industry month in Washington, how did it go for you?

JC: The month of October was incredibly jam-packed full of events, and by the end of the month, I had to tap-out to rest to have the ability to finish the year and prep for 2019. I was able to attend top-notch events at the Kush Marketplace, the Canfinder Spooky Sesh and the Fall Washington Weed Golf Classic.

Twista and Off The Dome

WN: How did the Twista and Off The Dome event in November go?

JC: The Twista event was an epic night. The show was a sellout, and the crowd had an amazing time. Off The Dome did the heavy lifting with the marketing and ticket sales which took the pressure off and it was a tremendous learning experience.

A contingency of Seattle industry professionals jumped on a Lyon Pride cannabis bus, and it was an event on top of an event. Twelve top-notch sponsors helped build dope swag bags for the guests. We stopped at Pilot Farms for a tour in Tacoma and to a meet-and-greet with Twista at Emerald Leaves.

The Dab Doctor
The Dab Doctor

WN: The December 1st Long Beach Rehab Tour was an interesting event, how did you enjoy it?

JC: Lyon Pride hit a home run with this event. It was a pleasure sponsoring this event along with the new dab and joint concierge service the High Rollerz. Highlights were blazing with Raj Punjabi the original drummer of Green Day, Mad Mark and hanging with the Dab Doctor.

Book Launch at The NWCC
Book Launch at The NWCC

WN: You’re finally launching your book in Portland, what is this event all about?

JC: I sat on my book for a few reasons, mostly due to explosive content about my personal life and my reentry into the industry. I also wanted the perfect place to have a party where people could consume without worry, and the NW Cannabis Club offers this solution.

The event will be about consuming in total freedom with old and new friends. A small group of Washington industry professionals are coming down, and hopefully, we get a good turn-out with Oregon professionals and cannabis lovers. I’m going to be adding sponsors in early January and hope to fill both floors of the club. There is a launch event in Seattle in late February or early March in the works that I’ll announce after my Portland event is cleared.

WN: What is next for Rehabbing Fish?

JC: My goal is to start writing the sequel once the content period is completed, at the end of February. I’ll spend around six months writing and editing the book with the goal of publishing by the end of the year. I learned a lot of lessons from the writing and publishing of the first book and will take a little more time producing the final product. Truthfully, I’m a little surprised I made this deep of a penetration in 2018 and the content for the second book contains a great deal of the most active “Movers and Shakers” in the local industry. I still have an immense amount of networking to do, but I’m satisfied with my current position. I’m also amazed to say that after three years of being in the cannabis industry, I have entirely avoided infighting and drama. The information that will be coming forth is incredibly positive, and the list of those who have shined is immense.

The Opposite of My Addiction 2

In addition to the above plans, I want to throw more parties and music events in Washington before the end of the year. I also plan on increasing content coverage in due time when I’m able to bring on more content creators and other support staff.

My dance card for 2019 is incredibly full, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve found as long as I stay on my production schedule and stay active, doorways that were once closed will continue to fly open, and I’ll find the success I’ve been working so hard for so many years.

Keep an eye on for future event dates and coverage of Washington’s cannabis industry.

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