Meet Erskine Wray: PNW Hip-Hop Artist

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I met Erskine Wray while waiting in line to purchase a preroll at Ruckus Recreational. A solid dude on his grind you should give his Soundcloud a once to twice over. He’ll entice you with his melodic beats, lyrical verses, and layered sampling; it’s as if Dreamville landed in the Pacific Northwest. His main track that he asked me to check out was Mangiare which means to eat in Italian. It’s a cruising jam, but the rest of his catalog is just as good.

I shot him a few questions for some insight into the man known as Erskine Wray.

WN: Where does your name come from? What does it mean?

EW: Erskine Wray. Erskine is my mom’s last name, and the Wray part is my pops last name.

WN: How long have you been at it?

EW: Been focused and at it for the last two years really.

WN: Where you from? When we talked you were telling me how you spent time in Japan, where do you call home now?

EW: I’m from everywhere man I moved a lot growing up, so I was between here in the summers a couple of years in the South with my pops and then like several years in Aviano Italy

WN: Inspirations?

EW: John Mayer, Outkast, Coldplay, alternative rock, 36mafia, just creatives or original people really, also people I just kick it with.

WN: I love the use of melodies and beats in your music, how many instruments do you play?

EW: I appreciate that man. I’m teaching myself piano right now but I use to play the trumpet.

Erskine Wray

WN: What you got going on now? When we met you were going to play a show that night, where did you play that night and where can one look for you?

EW: Right now I’m plotting on the world with Quincy Jones as my theme music, but yeah that was The Rendezvous which was crazy raw. I’m headlining the Chop Suey March 19th so people can find me there. Got some singles dropping before then and my latest EP Growth is available on all platforms with my latest single Mangiare too.

Now for the real questions;

WN: Favorite way to consume?

EW: Woods or papers

WN: Indica or Sativa?

EW: Indica fashooo

WN: Favorite strain?

EW: Green Crack or Golden Ticket.

To learn more about Erskine, follow his social media Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, and YouTube. I look forward to more tracks from Erskine and wish him success in his future endeavors.

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