Marijuana Martyr John Sinclair Opens A Cafe In Detroit

John Sinclair

If you haven’t heard, one of the most predominant cannabis activists has opened a cannabis cafe in Detroit and if you don’t know who John Sinclair is, shame on you. He was arrested and served 2 and half years out of a 10-year sentence for two joints and helped changed the law in Michigan. Many were outraged by this injustice and protested which led to his early release, some credit John Lennon and other famous musicians at the time who played at the Free John Benefit Concert which also meant negative media attention for Michigan.

The following year of John’s release there was a ruling in Michigan that changed how the law treated its citizens, and for a small time, there was no law concerning cannabis which evoked the one day smoke in known as Hash BashJohn Sinclair, other cannabis activists, and good people of Michigan got together for a smoke-in, now in its 41st year.

According to this Detroit Free Press article the John Sinclair Foundation Café and Coffee Shop is open and located at 7 Mile and Woodward in Detroit. “I live in Amsterdam half the year and every day I go to the coffee shops. I take my laptop and do some work and smoke a joint when I want to,” Sinclair said. “Here in Detroit, there is nowhere to go. I live off the Cass Corridor and there are all these new people there, but they’re all squares. They don’t smoke weed. They’ve got coffee shops, but they’re upscale like you see on TV.”

I hope to make it to the cafe one day and have a session with John Sinclair, as every good stoner should. The John Sinclair Foundation Cafe and Coffee shop should be on every freedom fighter’s bucket list.

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