Marijuana Legalization Wins In Maine Again As Recount Ends


On Election Day 2016 Maine voters approved Question 1 which legalizes recreational marijuana in Maine. The initiative won by a razor thin margin – roughly 4,000 votes. But similar to what my forklift driving dad always told me ‘an inch is as good as a mile,’ 4,000 votes is 3,999 more than is required for victory. Marijuana opponents were not happy about the result, and quickly filed for a recount.

The recount failed to yield any significant changes to the vote, and was called off today. Per the Bangor Daily News:

The campaign that opposed a referendum seeking to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Maine abandoned its recount effort Saturday afternoon, clearing the way for Maine to become the latest state to allow use of the drug for nonmedical purposes.

Ballot examination initially focused on precincts in the state’s larger cities, with a second phase of the recount zeroing in on other selected precincts. The recount recessed Friday with plans to resume in January 2017.

However, Mainers Protecting Our Youth and Communities formally requested Saturday that the secretary of state’s office end the process.

The recount effort was estimated to have cost Maine taxpayers $15,000 according to marijuana opponents. I’d imagine that figure will be fact checked and the results made public. But for now, congratulations (again!) citizens of Maine! T Maine is the second state on the East Coast to have legalized marijuana, with Massachusetts being the other.

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