Marijuana Foe Kevin Sabet Admits Lying to Massachusetts Voters


Boston’s FOX affiliate has posted video of the theft of a bag of allegedly marijuana-infused gummy bears from an anti-legalization leader who now admits lying twice to Massachusetts voters in a televised forum on the Commonwealth’s legalization initiative.

You can’t tell which is pot candy… because Sabet lied and neither of them are pot candy!

Kevin Sabet is the co-founder and leader of the organization Project SAM, which is devoted to opposing legalization of marijuana nationwide for any purpose, medical or personal. At a televised forum hosted Wednesday by WGBH, Sabet made a show of displaying two unmarked clear bags of candy (one was gummy bears, the other was gumdrops), claiming twice that one of the bags contained candy tainted with THC, the psychoactive ingredient in pot.

“I think parents should ask themselves whether they can tell which bag of candy here is marijuana and which one isn’t,” Sabet asked the audience, later reiterating that, “again, one of them is real and one of them isn’t – they are the real candy here [motioning at gummy bear bag] that are simply sprayed with THC. And there’s no way to tell the difference.”

Uh oh, somebody left pot candy out where kids might reach it! I’ll just make sure this gets put away safely…

Following the event, Sabet and other panelists mingled with the audience. Sabet had placed the two bags on a table onstage and left them unattended. That’s when the man observed by security cameras swooped in to swipe Sabet’s props.

Keith Saunders of MassCann NORML was at the event and observed Sabet’s reaction when he discovered the bags had gone missing. “When he returned to the dais, the bags were gone,” Saunders said. “He was panicking, saying, ‘Someone stole the edibles.’ He was searching the area, and asked if the cameras were still on, and if he could check the tape.”

Saunders ended up with the bags, which he delivered this afternoon to a chemical testing lab for THC analysis. However, Fox25 anchor Vanessa Welch concluded the report by noting they contacted Sabet about the candy and he assured the station that there was no THC infused into either of the bags of candy.

Who stole Kevin Sabet’s alleged marijuana gummy bears?

We broke the news of what we call #SabetGummyGate Wednesday night by noting that Sabet’s possession of over an ounce of THC-infused candy is a crime punishable by jail time in Massachusetts. But falsely claiming that a non-drug item is really a drug is also a crime and Sabet just copped to it.

Besides the crime committed and the lies told, Sabet also misled the voters of Massachusetts by claiming “the reason the emergency admissions in Colorado for kids … has gone up … is because these kinds of things are lying around.” In fact, brightly-colored animal-shaped marijuana-infused products are now banned in Colorado. Since July, you wouldn’t find any pot gummy bears “lying around” in Colorado.

The story has now broken outside of the marijuana media, with Raw Story’s headline, “‘Stupid ass’ anti-weed activist brought pot edibles to legalization forum — and lost them“. That means more journalists calling Sabet to confirm the story, which means more times Sabet has to admit he lied to voters while trying to scare them into voting against legalization with what State Senator Vinny deMacedo referred to as a “juvenile” stunt, using a faux prop unlike anything you’d find in Colorado.

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