Marijuana Edible Ban Defeated In Arkansas

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For some reason when it comes to marijuana reform, marijuana edibles tend to be the biggest boogeyman for marijuana opponents. The argument goes that because edibles can sometimes be shaped like candy or other sweet treats, that they are appealing to kids and therefore should be banned (or at least EXTREMELY regulated). Responsible marijuana users do not want their products getting in the hands of kids, which is why they lock up their edibles just like they do with every other form of marijuana.

Marijuana edibles are not cheap, and the portrayal of parents leaving edibles sitting on coffee tables all the time is unwarranted. There needs to be reasonable regulations for edibles which strikes a balance between the need to ensure that they are consumed by the right person, but also that people still have access to quality, useful products. Marijuana edibles are the preferred choice for many patients and consumers because they don’t involve inhaling anything. There was a push in Arkansas recently that sought to ban edible sales. Fortunately that push was recently defeated. Per Times Record:

The House on Monday rejected a bill to ban the manufacture or sale of medical marijuana in food or drink.

House Bill 1392 by Rep. Robin Lundstrum, R-Springdale, received 52 votes in support and 40 against. Because it would change a voter-approved constitutional amendment, it required a two-thirds vote for passage, or at least 67 votes in the 100-member House.

The bill would allow a patient authorized to use medical marijuana to put the drug in his or her own food, or have it done by an approved caregiver, but dispensaries could not sell the drug in food.

There’s no valid reason to ban edible sales. All concerns that marijuana opponents have about edibles can be addressed with dosage levels and labeling. To ban the sales of edibles outright is harmful to patients, many of which cannot consume marijuana in other forms. A ban on marijuana edibles would essentially be a ban on medical marijuana for patients who can only consume smokeless forms of marijuana. The defeat of this bill is good news for suffering patients in Arkansas. Hopefully the proposal goes away for ever and isn’t re-introduced at a later time.

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