Maine: Marijuana Regulation Vote This Monday


I received the following important message out of Maine yesterday:

This coming Monday, the Maine legislature will hold a special session to vote on the MLI committee’s omnibus bill. As we have mentioned, we support the passage of the marijuana regulation bill. The committee has worked transparently over the last eight months to craft responsible regulations for Maine’s new adult use marijuana program, and it sought input from the public, stakeholders, and experts.

While the regulations may not be perfect, we feel that this bill still represents what the voters wanted when they supported our campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol. Implementation should not be delayed any further.

If passed on Monday, Governor LePage may decide to veto the bill. We need you to reach out to your state senators and representatives, and urge them to vote yes on the marijuana bill.

Follow this link to find your representatives in Augusta and reach out to them.

During the debates in 2014, the governor promised to support legalization, and it’s time for him to follow through and implement Question 1. We will need two-thirds of the legislature to override the governor’s veto, so please email or call your representative today.


David Boyer
Maine Political Director
Marijuana Policy Project

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