Maine: Governor And Senator Proposing Delay On Marijuana Legalization Implementation


I came across the action alert below out of Maine. Maine, like other states that have legalized, is being faced with a proposed delay on marijuana legalization implementation. Maine politicians have had plenty of time to prepare for legalization, as it obviously didn’t come out of nowhere. The people voted for legalization, and Maine politicians should respect the vote. See the message below, via Facebook:


We have won the battle, but the war continues.

As you may have heard, marijuana will be legal for possession and cultivation on January 30.

What you may not have heard is that Governor LePage and Senate President Mike Thibodeau are proposing a one-year delay on implementing Question 1.

This is unacceptable.

Please call your state Representative and your state Senator, and let them know that you are against a delay on the new marijuana law.

To find out who your state Representative and state Senator are, please click here.

Then, call the Maine House and Senate using the numbers below:
Maine House: (207) 287-1400
Maine Senate: (207) 287-1540

Call Script: “This is [YOUR NAME] calling from [YOUR TOWN] to leave a message for my state Representative and state Senator asking them to oppose the marijuana moratorium proposed by Gov. LePage. Thank you.”

Next, leave a message for the Senate President:
Senate President Michael Thibodeau: (207) 287-1500

Call Script: “This is [YOUR NAME] calling from [YOUR TOWN] to leave a message for the President of the Senate letting him know I am against placing a year-long moratorium on the legalization referendum. To delay the process before we even get started undermines the will of the voters. Please change your position and begin implementing Question 1 in a timely manner. Thank you.”

It’s important we defend our legalization law and uphold the will of the voters, so please call today!

  1. myconaut says

    Sore losers.

  2. saynotohypocrisy says

    Such open in your face contempt for democracy. No surprise from Lepage, the guy is a certified fascist and alcohol supremacist bigot.

    1. Gary Craig says

      In America it would seem “We the People” is just a catchy slogan, a phrase that has little, to no, meaning.

  3. Gary Craig says

    LePage must be thinking, and hoping, the incoming AG will clamp down on the legal states. In two weeks we’ll know which way this is going. For now I’ll have to take Trump at his word, such as it is, that he’ll let the states decide.

  4. moldy says

    People in power forget how they got there. He will leave the same way. You can fuck over the people just so many times until they revolt.

  5. Simon Hardinsky says

    The residents of Maine have earned the right to use Cannabis any way that they wish. What the fat cat politicians have done just makes me angry. In Virginia, we have been dealing with this for years. In fact, on you tube there was an incident where a legislator got up out of his chair and said that he wasn’t going to hear any more about any legalization and this was just one man. People in this country who want access to this wonderful plant far outnumber the very few of the plutocracy who want it outlawed because there is no money for them if we can grow our medicine in our house and in our back yard.

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