Looking To Protest The Drug War: Try Court Support


The Bipolar States of America

I’m not a big believer in our nation of laws, especially when it can’t recognize the bad ones but I am a believer in moral, social pressure and backdoor rules like jury nullification.

If you’re looking to be more than a keyboard warrior (nothing wrong with that) and don’t like marching might I suggest doing court support while telling anyone who will listen about jury nullification.

Court support makes a statement to the prosecutors and judges, a message from the people. Now I’m not saying it’s a sure shot but when a person’s life it’s worth a shot, for a livelihood is on the line.

Court support is essential because it lets the rest of civilized society know that an injustice is going on. When people choose to have a voice that’s when things change, especially now more than ever, we have to let the new political regime know that prison for pot us unacceptable.

Besides sending a message one also receives an education or in my case an affirmation on how a jaded corrupt system works, as what I witnessed in The United States Of America vs. Lance Gloor.

The Trump Theory

Trump is a questionable president because 55 million people felt their voice wasn’t being heard or it could be because 60 million didn’t use their voice, the point being using your voice makes a difference. There this is a difference we can all agree upon if you’re reading this and that’s marijuana is not the drug Harry Anslinger, and Richard Nixon wanted you to believe.

So, if you want to fight the drug war on the frontlines, try court support. Court support is one of the biggest stances one can make against the law. Not all cases are groundbreaking, but each one does set a precedent and is important because it’s someone’s life, their livelihood.

A Tale Of Two Arrests

Two separate and equally injustice trials coming up are those of Shelby Lucero in “legal” California and Damon Beck in backward Tulsa, Oklahoma. These two cases have been drawn out longer than they have to. Besides making these people victims of an unjust raid with the stealing their possessions but it also takes their time. Time-fighting a case, possible time behind bars, time worrying, time that they can’t get back.

Shelby Lucero Court Date

Shelby’s Trial is the result of a raid in 2012. Since then multiple States have legalized marijuana for recreational use including her own proving she’s guilty of trying to help people, guilty of following her conscious but not of a real crime. If you’re in the Sacramento area, please mark  3/7 8:45 am on your calendar to show court support for Shelby Lucero and her family.


The next case is perhaps more about a hero than a businessman. Damon Beck didn’t make his living in pot, but at one time he did, and that is how he knew to grow for his civil protest. Caught with two half ounces, an ounce of grounded fan leaves, and ten clones that weren’t even rooted Damon was planning on “I was growing before they raided me on April of 2015 for civil disobedience. I was going to plant them all over Tulsa. With signs stating facts about cannabis. I called it #clonewars”. Damon is another victim of the ignorant drug war and if you’re in Tulsa, Oklahoma and want to help change the world mark your calendar for March 6th at 1:30 pm, follow the Facebook Event link for more details.

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