Live Results of State Legalization Votes on Marijuana Election Night


Join me live on Tuesday, November 8, beginning at 3pm Pacific Time for coverage of Marijuana Election Night™ 2016 on I’ll be anchoring our six hours of coverage with Laura Bianchi from the Drug Policy Alliance Prop 64 Watch Party at the Doubletree Downtown in Los Angeles, California.

We’ll be providing audio and video feeds online and to television and radio stations across the country. Our feed will also be shown at election watch parties across the country.

We’re not just covering the statewide legalization votes in Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada, as well as the medical marijuana votes in Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota. We’ve also got coverage of five Ohio cities voting on depenalization, Denver voting on a public Social Use Initiative, and local votes throughout Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and California on bans, taxes, and regulations in their legal or medical marijuana programs.

In addition to spokespeople from the official initiative campaigns, we’ll be speaking with the opponents of those campaigns. Our program will feature drug policy experts at the state and federal level, marijuana-friendly candidates for office, and live look-ins at the campaign watch parties from coast-to-coast. We’ve even got some celebrities, musicians, and athletes joining us to give us their perspective on legalization.

Our hashtag is #MJElectionNight to find our social media content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope. This will be the most comprehensive audio/video/online coverage of the most important vote in the history of marijuana law reform. It’s Marijuana Election Night™ and it’s brought to you by

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