Lance Gloor: Federal Inmate #44270-086 Needs Your Help

Free Lance Gloor

Lance Gloor’s situation is an example of how racial prohibition has helped shaped America. It was great at one time because it had the fewest citizens in prison, that was the time when slave owners existed, and you could lynch publicly. Not all the evil people are dead, the ones who committed various heinous acts towards other human beings, but most are. Real criminals who denigrated others because they thought they were the genetic superior; And did so with the aid of the local government, but it’s our ability as a country to say “Never Again,” especially with the rise of the internet.

Corruption and evil has not always black and white in America; there’s also the shit that happens to the poor and disenfranchised in general; two cases that come to mind, one is the abducting of twins and triplets in the name of science, as in the case of Three Identical Strangers, the other is the adoption agency that took kids in Tennessee and adopted them out to wealthier to-do families. Most of the real evil shit that involves screwing the average citizen is gone, but yet prohibition continues. People behind bars don’t have any more time to lose.

Prison is meant to punish the evil in our society, not be a part of the evil. Prisons are supposed to about reform or the place to lock away those willing to harm others, not people wanting to live an American dream. The pursuit of happiness, life, and liberty; these are only part of the things we take away from people when we involve prison. We treat hardworking citizens like immigrants, inhumane.

Lance Gloor presently sits behind bars for something legal in 11 States, when I first started writing about him it was 8, the numbers are going up, not down. So why does Lance Gloor still sit behind bars? Justice isn’t just. It’s just us vs. everyone else.

Lance sits behind bars alone in a 5 ft by 5 ft cell, in a place known as the shu (secured housing unit). A place of isolation, where the system tries to bend your will. Lance sits in the shu because he refused to stab someone, not for his safety but for his information. Information that would put him in twice as much danger for the next seven years as he serves a ten-year sentence for pot. I asked Weldon Angelos, of The Weldon Project and who served 13 years of a life sentence for marijuana, about the conditions behind bars and he had this to say

Yes, prison has its own political system one must abide by, and at times, some are asked to do things that goes against their conscience. If you refuse, there are consequences. The fact that I was able to navigate that environment for 13 years and leave without a scratch and with the respect of the inmate population, is a rarity. Sometimes people are put in situations  like Lance’s and face a tough choice. It’s another reason we need comprehensive criminal justice reform to keep people like Lance out of those violent environments. You can’t put ordinary citizens in prison for non-criminal conduct (cannabis should not be a crime) and expect them to leave better than when they went in. Lance was a good person, but if he goes through the hell of his full 10-year sentence, he’ll probably leave that place an entirely different person, and our system was allegedly designed to make people better. But these long sentence accomplish the opposite.

If America truly stood for justice and in some cases, I’m told Godliness, then Lance would not be sitting alone behind bars. Instead, he would be running a chain of pot shops or a garden while visiting his daughter in college. This is not the America I was taught. I was taught that bad people belong behind bars, not fathers and sons, nor wives and daughters.

Lance does not deserve any of the punishment he is receiving. He is being punished for being a successful farmer and store owner in a time when medical cannabis was the law of the land while being 100 percent compliant to the States requirements. Every day Lance is kept in the shu, his quality of life degrades, and so do his chances for Clemency. Lance Gloor is being punished for surviving and needs your help, please call the Sheridan Federal Prison (503-843-4442) in Oregon and ask how Lance Gloor is?

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