Kevin Sabet’s Lost Marijuana Gummy Bears To Be Tested


Thanks to the quick thinking and actions of a longtime MassCann NORML activist, we may soon have proof that the leading propagandist against marijuana legalization committed numerous drug crimes by using a bag of marijuana gummy bears as a prop in a televised forum.

Last night, Project SAM head and “quarterback of the anti-legalization movement” Kevin Sabet appeared on a WGBH forum regarding Massachusetts’ Question 4, their marijuana legalization initiative.

During the event, he held aloft two unmarked clear plastic bags of candy – one was gummy bears – and said,

“I think parents should ask themselves whether they can tell which bag of candy here is marijuana and which one isn’t. … They are essentially - again, one of them is real and one of them isn’t - they are the real candy here [motioning at gummy bear bag] that are simply sprayed with THC. And there’s no way to tell the difference.”

Kevin Sabet Gunny MemeWhen the forum concluded, Sabet and the other panelists left the stage to mingle with members of the audience. Sabet had placed the two unmarked bags of candy, one allegedly infused with psychoactive THC, lying around on the table behind their chairs, unguarded.

Seizing the opportunity, longtime MassCann NORML board member and national NORML board member Dr. Keith Saunders swiped the two bags of candy without anybody noticing.

Saunders tells WeedNews that as the audience dwindled, the panelists began to depart. ”When he returned to the dais, the bags were gone,” Saunders said. “He was panicking, saying, ’Someone stole the edibles.’ He was searching the area, and asked if the cameras were still on, and if he could check the tape.”

Kevin Sabet's Gummy Grabber
Dr. Keith Saunders with two unmarked bags of candy, one of which Kevin Sabet claimed to be THC-infused (Photo: Keith Saunders)

Unless Sabet is a Massachusetts medical marijuana patient, possession of over an ounce of THC-extract-infused edibles is a crime punishable with prison time. If he acquired the gummy bears in Colorado, as implied in his statements, and brought them to Massachusetts, there were a few state and federal trafficking, distribution, and possibly conspiracy felony crimes involved, too.

It’s entirely possible that the gummy bears are plain old gummy bears and Sabet was lying to Massachusetts voters to scare them about Question 4. But that makes Sabet’s worry over the loss of regular old gummy bears he could buy anywhere seem a little odd. It also means Sabet may have proferred a “counterfeit substance”, a crime you commit when you intend to distribute oregano by telling people it’s marijuana.

Saunders has pledged to find out. “I decided to test whether he is truthful and a felon, or just lying again,” he tells WeedNews. “I grabbed both bags and will have them tested by Saturday. I will be revealing the details and the test results.”

For the original WGBH video and transcripts of Sabet’s remarks, see “Anti-Pot Crusader Kevin Sabet Loses Marijuana Gummies At Boston Forum“.

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