Kevin Sabet Pushes More Reefer Madness With Ignorant Tweet


The founder and director of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), the nations leading marijuana opposition group, made another ridiculous and ignorant statement on Twitter concerning cannabis use. It’s not the first time Kevin Sabet, the self-appointed, anti-marijuana, former George W. Bush drug war hack, has used over-reaching and inflammatory comments about cannabis, and it surely won’t be the last.

In reply to a Tweet from Todd Harrison, the founder and CEO of the Emmy Award-winning internet media company Minyanville, Kevin Sabet actually predicts that many people will die in the coming marijuana epidemic due to legalization.

Harrison tweeted, “The demographic inevitability of cannabis legalization in the US means every day is lost ground vs. the legalized world. ISR, AUS, CAN …”

Sabet’s response is straight out of the reefer madness headlines, “Wrong. 9% of Americans use pot monthly. Very diff than alcohol. There will be an anti marijuana backlash. Sadly we’ll have to wait for bodies.”

The reply brought a number of astonished responses:

“How many people have died because of cannabis?” said Commie Red Eyes.

“The bodies? Ridiculous…even for you. You sound desperate,” said Todd Scattini.

“Bodies? If marijuana killed, don’t you think we’d have evidence of that by now? What would we have to ‘wait’ for?” said Laura.

“9 percent sounds more like the percentage of your brain available for use.” from minniewinnie.

Sabet’s Project SAM has been discredited over and over for telling lies, using scare tactics, and relying on old disproven information that is skewed and has been discredited in recent years with proper scientific studies. He relies on propaganda to push a message that is so badly flawed, few people ever take him seriously unless they were already buying his disinformation, or have no interest in facts and science.

Just last year Sabet claimed to have a bag of medicated candy he brought to a debate in Massachusetts ahead of their legalization vote in November, 2016. He held it up with another bag of candy and asked the audience.

“I brought some props, if that’s okay,” Sabet said to the audience. “I think parents should ask themselves whether they can tell which bag of candy here is marijuana and which one isn’t.”

The showboating created some questions about whether Sabet had actually broken Massachusetts law by bringing cannabis infused food to the debate, which at the time was illegal to do in the not yet legal state. Luckily, someone was curious enough to grab the bag of candy and it ended up in the hands of MassCann NORML’s Keith Saunders who sent it for testing. Sabet admitted to local Television station Fox25 that there was no cannabis in the candy.

Sabet has long fought against marijuana reform. He came to Oregon in 2014 to campaign against Oregon’s Measure 91 which legalized adult use of cannabis in the Beaver State. He has made a nice living for himself by running around the country telling lies about marijuana, often using old false arguments about increased marijuana use among youth, Increased traffic fatalities from stoned drivers, and the classic “gateway drug” theory that has been proven to be wrong. He also charges a substantial fee to spread his propaganda and easily preys on foolish prohibitionist groups to continue making money as America’s number one marijuana prohibitionist.

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