Kentucky: Republican Senate Caucus Chairman Proposes Legalization


I received the following alert out of Kentucky today:

Kentucky’s lack of progress on marijuana policy reform has been frustrating, but it appears that the tide may finally be turning. Last week, Senator Dan Malano Seum (R-Fairdale) gave Kentuckians something to get excited about when he announced that he would sponsor a bill to legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana.

Advocates couldn’t ask for a more influential champion than Senator Seum. He has been in the state Senate for more than 20 years, and he currently serves as caucus chairman for the Senate Republicans, who hold a 27-11 majority in Frankfort. However, he won’t be able to pass this bill unless he receives a great deal of support from his colleagues.

Please email your representative and senator today, and urge them to support Senator Seum’s proposal!

We expect that this bill will be introduced in early 2018, but the important work of building statewide support for reform must begin now. It’s very important that you share this message with your family and friends, and urge them to email their legislators!


Matt Simon
New England Political Director
Marijuana Policy Project

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