It’s Your Right To Say Not Guilty, It’s Your Duty To Tell Someone Else


This could be the most important thing I’ve ever written. People have been incarcerated for what I’m about to tell you, for spreading flyers telling you your rights, only to be charged with jury tampering.

My favourite activist website is not NORML or The Human Solution International but who advocate Jury Nullification and other rights Americans are bestowed due to it just being a fundamental right. Jury Nullification is your given right to say not guilty, especially if you don’t agree with the law.

One of the most meaningful statements I found explaing Jury Nullification is “Former prosecutor and current Georgetown University Law Center professor Paul Butler has dubbed another variation on this theme to be “jury nullification 2.0”. He used this term in reference to the case of Touray Cornell, a Missoula, Montana man charged with possession of 1/16th of an ounce of marijuana in a county that had passed a citizen initiative instructing law enforcement to make marijuana enforcement their lowest priority. Of 27 potential jurors questioned during voir dire, only five said they would vote to convict a person of possession of such a small amount of marijuana. Skeptical that it would even be possible to seat a jury, the judge in the case called a recess during which time the lawyers worked out a deal known as an “Alford plea” in which the defendant didn’t admit guilt.

When these kinds of rejections of enforcement of laws stack up over time, the laws become unenforceable. We’ve seen this rejection of the Fugitive Slave Laws and alcohol prohibition, for example, undermine such laws’ enforcement. Eventually, it is no longer worth the time or hassle or embarrassment for government officials to try to enforce these laws. They may be further nullified in a sense either remaining on the books but not being enforced, or being repealed altogether

Other terms you may hear in place of jury nullification are conscientious acquittal, juror veto, or jury pardon.”

In short, it is your right as an American citizen on a jury to say “Not guilty”, no matter what you are told by the presiding judge or attorneys involved. It is your right to say “The law is flawed” not the people, it is your right to say “not guilty” if you’re sitting on the jury.

No matter the evidence presented, if you do not believe a crime was committed, it is your right to say “not guilty”, and this has never been more important than now, as the government chooses to incarcerate and kill people involved in the drug trade as an individual, not a pharmaceutical company.

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