Is Your Cannabis Business Strategy Built To Last?

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Whenever I am talking to friends in the cannabis industry, we always differentiate between calendar years and ‘cannabis years.’ Cannabis years are much like dog years, in that one calendar year feels more like 7 years. It’s absolutely insane how fast the industry is expanding across the country, and how rapidly it’s growing in states where a legal cannabis industry is allowed.

I remember when a dispensary of any kind seemed like a revolutionary thing, and it wasn’t that long ago. The simple concept of being able to go into a building and choose from dozens of options as a cannabis consumer seemed so futuristic. It didn’t matter that the cannabis was in mismatching jars, and that testing information was limited or non-existent, or that the aesthetics of the establishment almost always left a lot to be desired.

Success in the industry back then didn’t depend as much on innovation nearly as much as the courage to just take the leap and simply exist. Being one of only a handful of dispensaries in the area virtually ensured that suppliers would be beating down your door and a steady stream of customers would be coming through from open to close.

Those days are long gone and never to return, for dispensaries and just about any other sector of the cannabis industry. Growing cannabis and crushing it is going to be progressively harder to do moving forward. Launching a successful edible or concentrates company is going to be more difficult too.

Today the cannabis industry is crowded, extremely competitive, and getting more so with every passing week. Nothing is going to come easily to anyone moving forward. The cannabis space is being flooded by entrepreneurs and investors and with eye-popping numbers being reported all the time, I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. The future of the industry is extremely bright overall, but that doesn’t mean that’s the case for everyone with cannabis industry aspirations.

The people that are going to reach their full potential are those that get an edge on the competition by finding out about industry innovations faster. The cannabis industry is evolving so fast that capitalizing on a window of opportunity and incorporating a game-changing idea could be the difference between sinking or swimming. You can follow as many of the Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and Instagram profiles as you want, and sign up for all of the Google alert notifications you can think of but it will never provide you as much timely insight as attending the upcoming Seed to Sale Show hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association.

In addition to amazing exhibitors, the event is going to feature two days worth of panels discussing cutting-edge cannabis industry business strategies and innovations. Panels include:

  • Legal Issues from Seed to Sale
  • 10 Tips For Cannabis Entrepreneurs Launching Businesses & Raising Capital
  • Cannabis Banking and Compliance: Lessons Learned from Adult-use Legalization
  • How to Get Your Brand Ready for the Competition Ahead
  • Better Safe Than Sued: Avoiding Product Liability Claims with Compliant Labeling & Packaging
  • Inspiring Customer Confidence & Building Brand Loyalty

The discussions will cover vital information that will help those in attendance build their cannabis companies for the long haul. As with everything at the Seed to Sale Show, the panels will be covering the topics from a forward-looking perspective. Many events cover where the cannabis industry used to be, and some cover where it is now, but none of them put the future of the cannabis industry on display the way that the Seed to Sale Show does.

Learn from the best and brightest in the cannabis space at the upcoming event in Denver this week (February 7-8). Make sure to get your tickets to the Seed to Sale Show as soon as possible before they are sold out!

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