Is The War On Drugs Too Big To Fail?


Murder Is Not The Case They Gave Them

Policing for profit is policing done wrong, and that’s what the drug war has brought us. I present to you how the drug war has already given carte blanche to law enforcement agencies to acquire new revenue by issuing grants through HIDTA Grants. Washington State has a “drug task force” known as Westnet. An agency that has denied being a legal entity because they are a joint effort but yet someone has to cash the checks and store the assets that have been the forfeiture.

How can a law enforcement agency be a “non-entity?” How can it accumulate fees and fines under its accord or even put someone in jail, if the subjects don’t agree with their rules? How can it subjugate state citizens (the ones it’s meant to serve and protect) to a Federal trial based off evidence of a day to day business that was following state guidelines as in the case of Lance Gloor vs. The United States of America.

Thanks to Westnet, “Evidence” or what we call product in present-day Washington was presented as the crime of the century to the DEA, who used it to put a man behind bars for ten years in a Federal penitentiary for following the State “rules.” The evidence presented in the Lance Gloor trial originated from an investigation instigated by Westnet, but yet it claims no jurisdiction or liability because it’s a joint task force. How does this corrupt agency still exist with the purpose of arresting, harassing, and fining marijuana growers? Even their website asks for “anonymous tips” for marijuana grows.

Testimony given by the investigating WestNet officer in Lance Gloor’s trial included being denied entry into a medical marijuana shop without proper authorization, obtaining said authorization than was granted access to the facility to make legal purchases. Included in his commentary was how he enjoyed the female budtenders over the male ones. Since Westnet could not make a State case, they handed it over to the DEA knowing that as a federal entity it had to get involved.

Even recreational states have ignorant policing problems. Locally what I do is considered mundane, I’m just another hippie but in places like Kansas, Mississippi, Ohio, etc… I am public enemy no#1. Someone out there is willing to put me behind bars because I would grow, plant, a plant and to them that’s worth me losing my life, losing out on life.

While people are being distracted by the latest bullshit on TV or from Twitter, there’s a real crisis that is hurting American freedom. The war on drugs turned into a war on people is one of the poisons to our Constitution.

The War On Drugs Encourages Corruption Not Protection

In Washington, it has been a pay to play system, play by the rules or not all, what people forget is the rules have already been written on something called The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution, not personal agendas.

Besides prosecuting one of the state citizens they were sworn to protect, Westnet has used the military and Federal resources in the guise of DEA hats and jackets against people they consider non-compliant or non-conforming, these are the incidences that have lead to the case of John Worthington vs. Westnet.

Even though the people of Washington have spoken that marijuana is no more dangerous than other legal items, people with alternate agendas have remained in power. An alternate agenda to prosecute and harass people who try to make a living off of marijuana and this is where John Worthington’s trials and tribulations begin.

He was raided in 2007 by folks wearing DEA attire but were not acting as the DEA; they were Westnet. From there he has to prove he was a law abiding Washington State medical marijuana caregiver, to which his assets were not returned but should have since he was a legitimate patient/ caregiver. Raided not because he was breaking the law but because he questioned the authority of Westnet and their enforcement of grow plant limits in Kitsap County. He became a police target followed by an administrative nightmare for the agency has stretched out the court proceedings hoping to bury the issue or bury him under litigation.

To give you an idea of the Keystone Cops situation in Washington, the lead cop in John Worthington’s case, Roy Alloway, was later arrested himself for being an illegal gun dealer. So in the minds of many, it’s better to sell guns than marijuana, how does this make sense?

Worthington is in a ten-year legislative nightmare just to obtain the documents to prove Westnet was who performed the raid, not the DEA. He was denied due process by one judge because they assumed it was the DEA, so it made it Federal to him, but John has never faced federal charges. The present status of John Worthington’s trial for the Westnet records is pending; they have four months to come to a decision, you can see the arguments in the below video.

The State Judicial and Federal system should be in damage control mode right now because it is evident there’s a branch of law enforcement not here to protect the citizens but to create erroneous revenue. Westnet owes many citizens lost income, product, and even time but that is, unfortunately, something one can’t get back.

While Westnet continues to deny being a legal, judicial entity, it does nobody any good; it just perpetuates an ill-gotten war on drugs and distrust of law enforcement and legal system. It was evident enough for a Kitsap Judge to recuse herself as a conflict of interest since Kitsap County was issuing, receiving, and cashing checks in the name of Westnet. How does a non-entity have a bank account? Besides Kitsap County, Mason County Superior Court and Pierce County Superior Court have been issuing checks to Westnet. Funds collected can be found in the State JIS system proving Westnet to be an entity.

It is evident Westnet was meant for easy “drug” targets because it focuses on marijuana gardens for what is the equivalent of a shakedown for revenue, this is how the war on drugs has been used against so many people. Going after any grow whether it’s medical, recreational, or personal use is not fighting crime or justice, in fact, it’s both in the opposite.

Some of Washington State policy and law enforcement acts have proven to be inept like so many other parts of America. Crimes are committed in the name of justice, and people (Washingtonians) are being hurt, they can’t reap their rewards of hard work due to asset forfeiture or an injured business due to ill-conceived legislation, where those who can pay will play, oppose to just planting a seed and being an entrepreneur.

WestNet has yet to be validated in a legal court of law but I present to you this information for the court of public opinion, Washington State’s Westnet organization began with corruption and will continue to do so as long as marijuana is part of their radar. Let it be noted that if the lead officer that did time for illegal firearms had any marijuana on him, a RICO charge would have or could have been to it all.

Now More Than Ever It’s Important To Use Your Voice

As our current President ramps up his campaign promises, one of them has been a plea for law enforcement support, but I contend it’s not law enforcement support one should be championing to make America great again but law enforcement restructuring. We all want to be able to go to another power for help, in fact as we get older and have nice things there is an expectation for justice, but it’s the drug war that makes us skeptical and fearful of our local police. People say if you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to fear but as a consumer but I have 42 other states to fear of and some counties in my own. If I was a farmer or businessman I shouldn’t have to afford my local law enforcement and politicians; I should just be able to plant a seed and let my hard work speak for itself.

Washington State’s Westnet is one example of how false security can be used not for the greater good. Just because it’s the police doesn’t mean it’s good but it should. There is no reason to create new departments or agencies, as in the case of Westnet, one example in my “legal” state. This saddens and scares me because I know each state has their own form of these revenue generators that are hurting innocent American lives and families.

Westnets lawyers continue to contend that Westnet itself is not an entity and this is perhaps one of the most dangerous claims because a non-entity has real consequences in people’s lives with no accountability and that is what John Worthington is trying to do, make them accountable. As Westnet’s nefarious practices are exposed, we have to ask that each case that they were a part of be reexamined if not overturned.

What task force is your local nightmare? With each arrest or ticket issued in the name of public safety and marijuana, sitting silent is like watching the raping of the Constitution and of Americans. These injustices can go on no further. If the war on drugs is too big to fail, then we have already lost.

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Lance Gloor’s trial is an example of how the system can manipulate the support you receive through the manipulation of court dates, fines, and then their eventual summary on such things as the DOJ website that villainizes the prosecuted or as I see them the victim. I tried to list in chronological order the articles I wrote covering the Lance Gloor trial; 1)Defending Medical Marijuana  2)Washington State Provider Facing 35 Years Behind Bars 3)Day 3 of Federal Trial 4) I am Juror no#13 5) Day 6 of Federal Trial 6) Jury Deliberates 7)Guilty 8) Hey Feds, Stop Wasting Time And Money

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