Indiana: American Legion Calls For Medical Marijuana Legalization


The American Legion is the largest military veterans organization in the country. The national organization has made headlines recently, with a call for rescheduling marijuana. In a meeting with incoming President Donald Trump’s transition team, the America Legion doubled down, calling specifically for marijuana to be rescheduled from Schedule I to Schedule III. Marijuana rescheduling was one of just three points emphasized by the American during the meeting.

A state chapter of the American Legion out of Indiana made headlines on Sunday when a resolution was passed calling for the legalization of medical marijuana in Indiana. Per Indiana Public Media:

The American Legion of Indiana passed a resolution Sunday calling on Congress to recognize marijuana as a drug with medical value and asking Indiana legislatures to develop a medical marijuana program.

Kokomo veteran Jeff Staker originally drafted the resolution. He started the non-profit Hoosier Veterans For Medical Cannabis to push for the change. Staker thinks a medical marijuana program could help veterans suffering from opioid addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder and other medical issues.

Military veterans are stepping up big time for marijuana reform. Military veterans are suffering from all types of ailments and they deserve to make the safer choice when finding relief. Veterans should absolutely not be forced to take harmful pharmaceuticals if they don’t want to. If they want to, that’s OK too, but it shouldn’t be either the pills or going without medication. Not when there is a proven medicine that has been found to be 114 times safer than alcohol.

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