Indiana AG Suffering Stage IV Reefer Madness


The Attorney General of Indiana penned an op-ed at the Indy Star on June 1st that logically breaks down his opposition to the legalization of marijuana, for medicine or adult-use. AG Curtis Hill presents an arrogantly written 680 word opinion with the same tiresome and hysterical arguments against legalization we expect from prohibitionist conservatives.

Quickly arriving at Stage I, he starts off his lecture to the people of Indiana by patronizing the experts and scientists who have been studying cannabis, and the patients that have been using cannabis for decades, explaining, “Those who understand marijuana’s dangers must speak the truth.”

His Stage II symptoms were obvious in his next comments which are a checklist of pseudo-scientific studies and nit-picked outcomes from government funded drug abuse studies that suit his incoherent point of view. He trots out comments like, “One in six adolescents who use marijuana becomes addicted,” and “Heavy users of marijuana report lower life satisfaction.” He finally pulls out the impaired driving card, citing an obscure British study on how your risk of a crash is 92% higher if driving under the influence of marijuana.

Believe it or not, he also draws a link between marijuana and increased crime. This is the first and most telling symptom of Stage III Reefer Madness. From

Eighty percent of men arrested for crimes in Sacramento in 2012 tested positive for at least one illegal drug. The most common was marijuana — found in 54 percent of the arrestees. As reported by McClatchy Newspapers, this data comes from former President Obama’s director of national drug-control policy.

Advocates of legalizing pot find it easy to dismiss all data contradicting their pro-weed mindset. Ignoring marijuana’s addictive properties, they focus exclusively on light and moderate users to generate “evidence” favorable to their agenda.

The signs of Stage IV Madness come from his final comments, where he questions the medicinal validity of whole plant cannabis. He refers to a Institute of Medicine report that concluded, “if there is any future for marijuana as a medicine, it lies in its isolated components, the cannabinoids and their synthetic derivatives.”

He wraps up his comments with a jab at profiteering and “legalized dope-dealing” by calling for a ban on all marijuana legalization in the Hoosier state. He concludes:

Let’s hope that day never comes.

Rather than follow the crowd – rather than even flirting with the folly of legalizing marijuana — Indiana lawmakers should stand firm in their resolve to keep our state on a better path.

It is no surprise that a state which elected Mike Pence, our current Vice President, is conservative regarding many things, but medical marijuana and the criminalization of the use of this plant in any way is 1970’s thinking. As he briefly mentioned, 29 states have recovered from the Reefer Madness and into reality, with no bad side effects. It is time for Indiana to begin treating their sickness which starts with a new Attorney General.

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