I Was Part of the Teacher’s Guess Who’s High Lineup

Teacher Guess Who's High

I made the Cut! The third times a charm, as in this was my third adventure with Cut, everyone’s favorite YouTube Channel. The other two times were once I had to dress up as Santa and kids had to pick the real Santa in a mixed lineup, the next was match the drug with the user, mine was weed of course. The third time is a charm video is titled Teachers Guess Who’s High.

All Hyped Up

Ever since I saw the Smoking Grandmas video, I wanted to be in a Cut Video. The first time I did it they gave you a minute to talk about yourself, so I tried to think of what I would say, what was my motivation for wanting to be on camera consuming cannabis and this is what I came up with “By day I’m an electronics technician, by night blogger/ writer and cannabis activist.” I didn’t get a chance to shoot my spiel or promote weednews, but I did get a lot to think about like “What is high? Body high, mental high, the unity of mind and body? Not passed out on a couch.”

I knew going in that there was going to be somebody else judging me, judging my functionality, so how did I want to proceed on this one? Did I want to act “sober,” to try and trick the guesser, or did I want to act natural and get a real person’s perspective on how I appear to them? It’s not until you’re doing a thing can you honestly react, let me walk you through.


So, what do you get when you put a comedian, some influencers, a graphics designer, and cannabis blogger together? You get a video social experiment. We made a video with people in the education field guessing who was high.

All the smokers arrived first and early, Blaine the director found this amusing, but I also noted that you’re paying me to smoke weed and feed me, fuck yeah I’m gonna show early. I’m not gay, but twenty bucks is twenty bucks. Blaine had us stay separate, smokers in the lounge and none smokers in the studio. The guessers arrived throughout the four hours the line up was there.

The smokers were spoiled, there were four vape pens, three provided by Cut and one Merrrica and Dominque Dabs brought. Along with the pens, there were edibles and joints, Blaine said he wanted to make sure we were high.

I was high as fuck, and you could tell.


At first, I felt defeated, the first teacher came out guns blazing like some Gestapo. The lighting turned into interrogation lighting, even though I was standing, I felt four foot tall from her tone. She gave off a strong presence, but as it turns out, it was from inexperience. She says all the supposed right things that drugs can ruin a kids life, but she also comes from an inexperienced childhood, where the truth is drugs can destroy anyone’s life.

One thing that wasn’t included in the video was when she talked about how she has a student who does consume cannabis and sees the difference where their education is better off for it, not worse. I’ll admit it; she intimidated me like a cop.

I believe she walked away with a different perspective of a consumer, though she did make me a little upset when she asked what do I do for a living and I said “Work in tech” and she said “Really? That surprises me.” What the fuck did you think I did lady? Mow lawns.

The Book Of Dad Jokes

Next was a man with a book of dad jokes for his Inquiry. He came off as a teacher who cares and wants to impart knowledge with fun in others, a drama teacher now teaching lit. He guessed me correctly but in a gentle bro way where he guessed. He guessed I was high cause I’m friendly and playful. What was left out with our interaction was when I was reading Bukowski passages out loud than told to switch my voice which made for a laugh.


The third and last was a counselor who guessed me wrong but only because of the altoid in my mouth, it smelt minty fresh. He thought I was drunk, not high. There’s not much I can say about our interaction, other than I was mesmerized by his sweater because WuTang is for the children and Wakanda Forever. The counselor was someone I could easily hang with who has an honest perspective on life.


Going in I thought “not gonna fake it,” and I wanted to try not to be a stereotype for I was representing half the country here. Knowing someone is judging me for being “high” made me question, what is high? Sober people do dumb shit all the time, what’s the excuse for fucking up then?

I consume cannabis daily, but yet function in life, I’m not the exception but the rule. Ngaio Bealum says “They can’t tell you’re high if you’re always high” but what is high? I know I’m different high, a little more silly but not a threat to society. Most cannabis consumers are just citizens trying to be good citizens, minus the normal fucked up things we do. Before I consumed as much cannabis as I do, I to use to be accused of being “high” all the time, just like the guy to my right in the video.

One of the reasons I did this video was many people congratulated me and think I’m brave for being on record cause you know, employment and perception. It shouldn’t be “brave” to be filmed consuming cannabis on camera; it should be just another Tuesday.

I hope to be in another Cut video or if I gain enough popularity they’ll release the footage from my past experiences, either way; the experience was worth it to me. I made new acquaintances, one being a wonderful YouTuber Merrica. Check her video on the video shoot.

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