How To Choose the Best Synthetic Urine To Pass Your Drug Test


If you have a drug test coming up and need to protect your privacy, there’s really only one fail-proof option. The internet is full of “tips and tricks” for how to fool a drug test but, the reality is that many of these workarounds don’t actually work. Sure, there are products like detox drinks that can help flush out drug toxins from your system, but these beverages aren’t 100% effective – especially if you’re a heavy user. Plus, when most drug tests are treated like pop-quizzes, there’s typically not enough time to go through the detox process that many of these beverages take. The most tried and true method for passing a urine drug test is to use synthetic urine.

Using Synthetic Urine to Pass a Drug Test

Synthetic urine has been around for ages and has helped countless people pass their drug tests. Synthetic urine is crafted in a laboratory and is specially formulated to contain all the ingredients commonly found in human pee. But, because it doesn’t contain any drug toxins (also known as “drug metabolites”), it’s the perfect solution for passing a urine drug test.

Most synthetic urine comes premixed in a 2-3oz bottle so it’s great to have on hand for those surprise drug test days. When using a premixed formula, all you have to do is get it to body temperature (since delivering cold pee is a sure sign something suspicious is going on). Just heat your bottle of fake pee in the microwave for about 10 seconds and you’ll be ready to let it flow. Most synthetic urines even come with a heat pack you can attach to the bottle to keep it warm for up to 8 hours.

However, it is important to note that not all synthetic urine is created equal. Since urine testing laboratories have caught onto this clever workaround, they’ve increased the sensitivity of their tests. So, if you plan on using synthetic urine to pass your test, you’ll want to make sure you get a brand that continues to stay ahead of urine testing standards.

How To Choose the Best Synthetic Urine to Pass Your Drug Test

There are so many options in the synthetic urine market, it can get a bit confusing for consumers. But, there are a few key criteria that you need to look for when choosing a synthetic urine that’s going to do the trick. Before you use a bottle of fake pee to pass a drug test, make sure that it has:

  • urea
  • uric acid
  • creatinine
  • a normal pH level
  • normal specific gravity

A lack of any of the criteria above will cause you to fail your test. And, when it comes to keeping your private life private, it’s not worth taking any risks. Brands like Quick Fix Synthetic Urine have been on the market for over 25 years and continue to update their formula to stay ahead of current testing standards. In their time in the industry, they’ve perfected the process of creating a long-lasting formula. Each bottle of Quick Fix comes with a 2 year shelf life and can be opened and reheated an unlimited amount of times. There’s a reason Quick Fix is number 1 (pun intended). Since the early 90s, Quick Fix has helped millions of people pass their drug tests with ease!


If you’re concerned about passing your drug test, using synthetic urine is the only surefire way to make sure you maintain your privacy. Just make sure to choose a trusted and reliable brand, like Quick Fix, otherwise you may find yourself in a lot more trouble.


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