How Many Ounces Are In A Pound Of Marijuana?

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Throughout the years I have seen pounds of cannabis come in many different packages. The first pound that I ever saw was in brick form at my dad’s house. My dad has been convicted of at least four cannabis felonies (that I know of!) throughout the years, and bricks of bammer weed was a common site at his place back in the day.

Sometimes the brick would be wrapped up tightly with cling wrap. Sometimes it was wrapped in butcher paper. Other times it would be in ziplock bags or something different. My dad would ‘steam the bricks’ to break up the cannabis to make it less dense, with the fluffed brick weed then being broken up and going into sandwich bags.

When I got older heat seal bags became all the rage. Sometimes pounds would be put straight into heat seal bags, and in other cases, the cannabis would first be put into gallon ziplock bags (a half pound per gallon bag) and then that would go into a heat seal bag for double the seal.

The bags would often have cryptic writing in the corners with a random number and/or letter or two when my friends got them. My friends and I would always try to figure out what the markings meant, which looking back, was likely much more based on conspiracy theories than it was based on object fact! They were simpler times back then.

After Operation Frozen Timber most of the pounds on the West Coast seemed to transition from ziplock and heal seal packaging towards turkey bags. That is still common now, but with the rise of the legal cannabis industry, packaging has taken on all types of shapes and methods.

A pound of cannabis has 16 ounces in it, which may seem obvious to cannabis veterans, but may not be common knowledge among newbies and those that are coming back to cannabis after a long break.

A pound of cannabis weighs roughly 453.592 grams. That means that there are roughly 28.3495 grams of cannabis in an ounce. And to round out the metric system lesson for the day, there are roughly 3.546875 grams in an eighth of cannabis.

The average consumer may not ever be in a situation in which they need to know how many ounces are in a pound at a dispensary since they likely will be purchasing a far smaller amount of cannabis.

However, for those consumers that cultivate their own cannabis or are presented with a situation in which they can be gifted a significant amount of cannabis, knowing how many ounces are in a pound of cannabis may be vital information to ensure compliance with local law. Hopefully this article helps those consumers to plan accordingly!

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