How Many Grams Are In An Eighth (1/8) Of Marijuana?


If you are a newbie and have visited a cannabis dispensary, chances are you have run into prices for ‘eighths.’ If you are completely new to cannabis or haven’t been a cannabis consumer since ‘lids’ were the unit of measure, chances are you don’t know what an eighth is and there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone needs to learn the lingo of cannabis at their own pace.

An eighth is exactly what it sounds like – 1/8th of something. But 1/8th of what? An eighth at a dispensary refers to one-eighth of one ounce of cannabis. For newer cannabis consumers, purchasing by the gram likely seems more logical, but most dispensaries have a price break at the eighth level.

That leads to the obvious question of ‘how many grams are in an eighth of cannabis?’ Many people will be quick to offer up the figure of 3.5 grams. While that’s the common weight that most dispensaries operate off of (and unregulated dealers), an eighth of cannabis is actually a little bit heavier than that.

A true eighth of an ounce weighs 3.546875 grams. However, the accepted measurement in the cannabis world for an eighth of a gram is just straight up 3.5. I remember in the unregulated days in Oregon, people would pass off 3 grams as eighths, but that always involved shady people. Yet another reason to be thankful for a regulated market right?

The basic math error that many cannabis consumers make when arriving at 3.5 grams for an eighth is taking 3.5 grams of cannabis (the weight of a common eighth at a dispensary), multiplying it by 8 to arrive at 28 grams for one ounce, and then multiplying that by 16 to arrive at 448 grams for a pound. The problem with that is that a pound of cannabis actually weighs 453.592 grams.

If you do the math in reverse fashion compared to how it was performed above, taking 453.592 grams and dividing it by 16 (there are 16 ounces in a pound), an ounce of cannabis should actually weigh 28.3495 grams, and 1/8th of that is 3.546875 grams.

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