Hemp and CBD Are Legal, Why Does Law Enforcement Continue The Money Grab?

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Hemp is legal, shouldn’t that mean CBD is legal too?

When the Trump Administration legalized the production and possession of Hemp, it created financial chaos for those who enforce the rule of law. Citizens are still being fucked with, in fact, the FDA immediately put a statement out saying, don’t act too fast but how is one supposed to act when they’re now able to grow a nontoxic plant?

The CBD Conspiracy

Many of my Facebook friends excited as if they hit the lottery and for a good reason, while the other half was getting Facebook pages deleted and products pulled from shelves with law enforcement authority of the FDA.

A Facebook post questioning the timing of US Patent 6630507 expiring on April 21, 2019, and the Farm bill just passing in December of 2018 makes me ponder one of those Illuminati corporate dollar conspiracy theories, especially as Federal entities feel the need to hinder people who have been openly in business for years lives.

CBD is nothing new, but the change in attitude towards marijuana in America is. One can make 100 predictions about the upcoming year but there’s only one I would like to see, and that’s the release of prisoners for marijuana that has proven to be a healing plant and people be allowed to sell their hemp wares without Federal influence. CBD is not a false promise nor does the component cause any harm, so why are products being taken off shelves?

Is there a Conspiracy? Probably not, most likely it’s a bunch of opportunist asshats who see it’s only a matter of time before they stop receiving the free assets from asset forfeiture and cannabis-related crimes. Let me share with you some things that have happened after Hemp legalization. Now I’m just a guy with an obsession for justice and a laptop, so I may get some things wrong, but all things I’m referencing can be easily looked up.


Still, one of the scariest states to travel through, not because of the border or illegal immigrants but because of the ignorant powers still in charge. Here I present to you a woman, Juana Virginia Tellez, who was arrested for CBD and call her intoxicated because she was driving her car home with two flats. She was probably trying to get home because if you don’t have money that’s what you do, get your broken vehicle back home.


For this one there is no excuse. Oklahoma just passed medical marijuana laws and long before had CBD laws on the books. In fact, when you drive through Oklahoma City CBD stores are in the plenty like Starbucks in Seattle. So why did these Super Troopers in Paulhuska decide to pull over and confiscate a trailer full of product? It’s an authoritarian money grab that goes against the will of the people and common sense.


It’s hard not to call the law enforcement of Wyoming fucktards, so I just will since they testified of about the “wild dangers of hemp-based CBD oil” against a bill legalizing CBD products. Here we have two wills of ignorance, the law enforcement and the legislatures running the show as if the people voted in cartoon versions of justice, something resembling 1950, not 2019. I know first hand since I have a bench warrant out in Wyoming for a less than a gram and a grinder full of kief. You can’t just pay a fine in Wyoming; you have to appear.


All law enforcement needs to recognize there are no longer cannabis crimes, unless its theft. Even in States with recreation use laws, people battle over the CBD debate. Before the Farm Bill, CBD was treated as cannabis in Michigan, and now it’s recharacterized which means new enforcement. Don’t we have enforcement fatigue yet? Just another money grab.


Another State run by an eighth-grade education as the state law enforcement says its still illegal as per State law. Who hurt you Idaho? At what point was hemp made illegal per State law? Are you still following something from the 1900s when there was a push to control the Mexicans? You see, a long time ago Mexican migrants made Americans feel uncomfortable, and as a means of control, it was known that Mexicans consumed a plant called marihuana. State by State laws were placed that once harvest season was done with laborers, one could quickly get rid of them via incarceration. Presently Idaho is holding 7000 pounds of hemp (which can go bad and be a financial waste) while calling it the largest drug bust. Again, who hurt you Idaho?

Oh Florida

Florida customs decided to detain and fine the CEO of Jihlava because of her hemp-based shampoos and lotions. It kills me that the State that had a pill epidemic is worried about the shampoo and lotion epidemic on the rise.

Meanwhile on the internet and Arizona

It seemed as if immediately upon the legalization of hemp, hemp companies across the country were having their social media flagged and taken down. I know of Hempful Farms having such an issue among the many. Also with Hempful Farms, there were raids at stores with their products being taken down from the shelf. Now everything worked out, they got their social media back, and products are back on the shelf but why is this even a thing? For the social media bans, I can see no reason, no one benefits from limiting free speech, but for the taken of products, all I see is another money grab by some bullshit agency created to protect me from a nontoxic plant.

Its here, Get used to it

Even before the passing of The Farm Bill that legalized hemp, places on the East coast have been incorporating CBD infusion into their products, legal or not these places exist. When the Farm Bill passes David Tran of Dope Magazine was talking on how he was at a restaurant in New York a week before and that the waiter asked if he would like the meal infused. CBD, Hemp, and the eventual legalization of cannabis with THC is here nationwide, and the nation needs to adapt, but more importantly, the nation’s law enforcement needs to adapt because you aren’t protecting anyone. With legalization, it’s good to be the farmer, and that’s how an agriculture industry should be.

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