Help Save Golden Beaver Farms

Golden Beaver Farms

A fire has devastated the good folks over in Golden Beaver Farms, a farm that has been providing quality cannabis to patients and cannabinoid products like High Seas Beard Balms to the public. People in the cannabis industry have enough hurdles to jump with things like “regulation” and incarceration, but when one loses a farm and isn’t a big corporation, it’s also a livelihood they lost.

I reached out to Matthew Wonson for a statement on the fire and the work done by Golden Beaver Farms.

We work with low-income medical marijuana patients. In some cases we’ve paid for the paperwork, all of our patients are provided with free medicine. To get the operation funded we sold flower and edibles in ‘grey markets’ to OMMP patients other than ‘ours’.

Bryce Wenzel (my growing partner) and I were independent medical growers who worked together on breeding projects for a couple of years before starting the farm. We used to vend at Madeleine Martinez’s “World Famous Cannabis Cafe” prior to legalization. This October was 5 years since we had been operating on the farm.

The guys at Golden Beaver Farms need your help. You can support them through their GoFundMe here or buy a shirt; either way, proceeds go to rebuilding the farm.

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