Germany: Parliament Votes To Further Legalize Medical Marijuana


In April of last year multiple sclerosis patient  from Mannheim in Germany won his case against the German government which allowed him to grow his own medical marijuana at home. Technically medical marijuana was already legal in Germany, but in very few instances. Germany’s medical marijuana program did not allow home cultivation, only allowed those suffering from chronic illnesses to qualify for the program, and made patients pay for their own medicine at pharmacies.

It was ruled that the patient in Mannheim could cultivate his own medical marijuana, but not anyone else. There had been talk about Germany’s Parliament drastically expanding the medical marijuana program in Germany sometime this year. The wait is over, as a vote was held, and a comprehensive medical marijuana bill was unanimously approved by Germany’s Parliament. Per DW:

In a landmark bill, members of Germany’s parliament voted unanimously on Thursday (19.01.17) to legalize the use of medical marijuana.

Marlene Mortler, the German government’s drug commissioner, had lobbied for the decision to allow patients to buy cannabis from their local pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription.

In Germany, the costs of the dried cannabis flower buds and cannabis extracts will be covered by health insurance for patients who have no other treatment options.

This is fantastic news for suffering patients in Germany. Hopefully this will lead to a ripple effect in Europe and urge more countries to pass similar laws. Germany is positioned to become an international leader on marijuana policy and industry. I’ll be keeping a close eye on what is going on over there, and you should too. If you are in the area, I suggest you check out the upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference which is taking place in Berlin in April. The passage of this new law just made the event even that much more interesting! (not a promo, stuff is seriously taking off in Germany in Europe, and this event is a golden opportunity that everyone should know about)

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