Gaylord Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Raided, Again


Social media is blowing up with reports of a new round of raids by Michigan State Police against medical marijuana dispensaries in the Gaylord area.

There are no reports from traditional media but photographs are being circulated of blue MSP vehicles at two Gaylord facilities, including Cloud 45. Photos were taken on July 24, per the poster. Medical marijuana facilities in Gaylord have been raided by state and local police before, some of them multiple times.

Cannabis activist Don Koshmider reports that fellow activist and Cloud 45 personality Chad Morrow was taken into custody and will be arraigned with charges stemming from the raids this morning, July 25. The charges sought by prosecutors against Morrow and others who may have been arrested have not been made public.

Koshmider himself was recently convicted of charges stemming from a raid on a Cadillac-area medical marijuana dispensary operation in July of 2016. The charges against him were initially dropped in the fall of 2016 but were reinstated in 2017. His YouTube channel features many videos of him monitoring the activities of police officers and filming in hallways of government buildings.

All this comes at a time when the stat of Michigan is preparing to launch the new medical marijuana distribution center rules under the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act. State representatives continue to maintain that, despite local authorization, anyone handling cannabis outside the confines of the direct patient-caregiver relationship described in the MMMA is violating state law. One of that position’s most vocal figures is former MSP Sergeant Don Bailey, who was appointed by the Speaker of the House to a small committee which oversees awarding licenses to businesses under that MMFLA program. While still a member of the MSP, Bailey was involved in raids of multiple medical marijuana distribution centers in the central Michigan area.

As more information becomes available, The Social will update the story.

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