Full Marijuana Decriminalization Possible Through NY Budget Process


I received the following action alert out of New York:

Gov. Cuomo, in his budget bills, has a proposal that would finally fix New York’s flawed decriminalization law by eliminating the loophole that currently criminalizes possession in “public view.” This part of the law has been widely abused by police officers who have used it to continue arresting tens of thousands of people, mostly young people of color, for marijuana possession. Budget bills are subject to political negotiations, so we want to make sure that Gov. Cuomo hears from his constituents that they support him on this!

In addition, the N.Y. Assembly’s budget proposal requests that people who have received marijuana convictions in the past be able to “seal” them, so they will have an easier time finding employment. Convictions for marijuana possession are not only more likely to be imposed on young men of color, who already have higher rates of unemployment, they have the heaviest impact on the most vulnerable — people seeking low-wage jobs.

Ask the governor to include this sensible sealing provision as well. Then, please ask your friends and family to speak up for humane marijuana policy, too.

Thank you for taking action,

Kate M. Bell, Esq.
Legislative Counsel
Marijuana Policy Project

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