Florida: Medical Marijuana Initiative Is More Popular Than Taco Trucks


The 2016 election has been a wild ride, and there’s still two months left to go. Recently comments were made that if Hillary Clinton was elected President over Donald Trump, that there would be ‘taco trucks on every corner’ of America. That political rhetoric won the hearts and minds of many voters in America, but not for the reason intended. The tactic was meant to scare voters into voting for Trump. However, it backfired, and we learned just how popular taco trucks are in America.

I personally visit a taco truck at least once a week. Will it lead to a premature death? Perhaps. But I love tacos, and for that matter I love politics, so I have thoroughly enjoyed that national political conversation lately. A poll was recently conducted, and the results released, by Public Policy Polling in which the participants were asked who they feel about Amendment 2, which would legalize medical marijuana in Florida. Per Public Policy Polling:

It looks like the second time will be the charm on medical marijuana in the state. 70% of voters support Amendment 2, to only 23% who are opposed to it. In addition to strong support from Democrats (81/13) and independents (70/21), there’s also a majority of Republicans (55/38) in support this time around.

That’s really strong support for the initiative. So strong that it beat out taco trucks. Also per the poll results:

In the wake of last week’s controversy we find that tacos and taco trucks are pretty popular among voters who have opinions on them. Tacos have a +36 net favorability with 47% of voters seeing them positively to 11% with a negative view. And taco trucks have a +30 net favorability with 42% of voters seeing them positively to 12% with a negative view.

As popular as the idea is of having taco trucks on every corner, the idea’s popularity pales in comparison to support for the idea of providing safe access to a proven medicine to suffering patients in Florida. Tacos are nice, but compassion is far better. Tacos taste great, but they don’t save lives. There’s still two months between now and election day, but poll results remain favorable to the initiative. If you live in Florida, make sure to help get out the vote, and educate those that are on the fence about the initiative! You can find out more at United for Care’s website.

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